When the Trees Cry and Bleed

Did you know that the natives of the Soloman Islands will yell and scream at the trees they want brought down? So instead of “cutting” down a tree, they will go to a tree they want gone and curse it everyday until it dies on its own.

Is this true? YES. But how does it work?

Our little fingers contain one-millionth of the vibrations that exist in just one branch of a tree. By constantly aiming negativity towards any living thing, the object being cursed daily will gradually wilt and die on its own.

So what does this tell you about humans that grow up in abusive households, battered wives or children, or natives that are forced to be treated like dirt under the cold hand of a cruel oppressor? How do you think their souls handle the daily verbal abuse of being told repetitively that they are no good?

Please think about this next time you degrade a friend, a pet, a plant, or any living thing. It is ignorant to think that only humans are capable of having feelings. Anywhere where a vibration exists, there exists a positive or negative reaction. Give a tree or plant love and they will stand erect. Neglect and abuse any living thing, and it will wilt or turn black inside.

I kiss my plants and they return the love everyday when I wake up. And when I’m sad, they point their leaves towards me to show me they are are with me. This is very true. Some of you may wonder how your cats can sense when you are grieving or sick, our plants react exactly the same way and possess the same intuition as cats. All living things are capable of compassion.

If you hurt any of your fingers, your whole body will feel its effect. If you hurt one person in a colony, the whole tribe will feel the suffering through that one person’s wailing in pain. If you hurt one race, it will affect the whole world. If you kill the only son of one mother, all mothers in a neighborhood will grieve with her. Kill one tree, and the rest of the trees in a forest will quiver and whimper knowing that next time it could be their turn, and when you think all is done, the forest will continue to mourn the loss of that one tree. Everything is connected. Infect one part of something, and it will infect and affect the rest. — Suzy Kassem