The War on Mothers


If you have truly experienced the eyes of a mother who lost a child, you will look at life and loss differently. A mother waling in pain and grief over a dead son, daughter, or baby is a sound I personally cannot handle. I have seen the eyes of the mother of an American soldier, an Israeli mother, an Afghan mother, an Iraqi mother, a Sudanese mother, and my own mother. Nobody loses more in war THAN MOTHERS!! You may kill one body in war, but many souls are destroyed at the same time. WAR IS NOT A JOKE or a GAME.

No WAR should ever exist on this plane. It is not HUMANE. He who says otherwise, should go fight these wars. NONE of those pulling the war strings have ever even been on the front lines of a war, or lost a child in war. And those being killed in wars, are poor people who are already neglected and mistreated by their own governments. The villains that deserve to be captured in wars are not even the ones fighting them — and are not even around when they are happening. However, mothers, children, and innocent poor people usually are. — Suzy Kassem