The Devil Has a Posse


Do you remember old Godzilla movies or alien flicks where evil creatures took over large cities?

Well, guess what? Today, the super villain is not an actual creature in real life — but a bunch of monkeys playing with technology to tamper with the weather.

And do you remember the villains in cartoons like the Smurfs (Gargamel & Azrael) and Superman (Lex Luther) where the bad guys always just wanted to annihilate everything and everybody — for no reason (or to monopolize all the riches)? That stuff is all happening in real life right now by that same group of evil monkeys.

It did not make sense in cartoons as to why anybody would want to do something so EVIL. But then again, that’s why those creatures were always illustrated in ways that conveyed they were void of heart and REASON. – Suzy Kassem