Apathy for the Bees, Frustration for the Bored

There is nothing more dangerous to a group of people, a government, or a business…than millions of BORED PEOPLE.

Bored people will complain and gossip just because they are bored. They will try to overtake the lead gorilla — just because they are bored. They will start fights because they are bored…

So if a leader does not have the economy to keep everyone busy, he must do one of these four things to keep the bored people occupied:

1) Give them tons of distractions so they are too distracted to scrutinize (football, pop culture, American Idol, reality TV, internet, a killer on the loose, a clown in the spotlight).

2) Create wars amongst them so they are too distracted amongst themselves to wage a war on you (religion, civil wars, CIA).

3) Dumb them down so they aren’t SMART — and bored. It is safer to have a nation of bored idiots than a nation of super smart people who can see what is wrong and strategically maneuver to win.

4) Control them with tighter leashes and lock up the monkeys that get out of line. Even if a distant relative says something “inspiring, truthful, revealing”, lock up the whole family and their friends – to prevent the virus from spreading. A leader can control his bored people BY FORCE to prevent any “creativity” from spreading.

At this time, our governments have found out that our boredom cannot be contained and controlled for much longer. We are bored with their entertainment and can see through their games. And because the economy is not doing too well, people can’t really buy into their material world and daydream. So, people are bored, frustrated, scrutinizing and complaining. There is an uncertainty about our economy, the future, and the WEATHER. People are so bored with everything, that they are beginning to demand something the leaders never expected the people to care about — and this is making leaders very nervous.

The people want TRUTH.

Suzy Kassem


So what happens when someone just eats canned, processed, and genetically modified foods throughout their youth? Well, there comes a time when they just stop processing everything else they take in. – SK

Preserve Your Future Foods and Gardens

Everybody create seed vaults. We shall start TODAY.
Choose your favorite flowers, vegetables, and fruit, and make it your personal responsibility to preserve their seeds. Protect them with your life, the same way as raising life. You could end up being the keeper of something beautiful. And maybe that day will come in this lifetime, where that one seed you have protected could end up feeding a nation. — Suzy Kassem

The Light Below


On the ocean floors in the steepest parts of our seas, there is exists a crystalline reality. At below zero temperatures, mineral rocks light up the ocean bed and beings made of salt, water, and light come out to play and be fed. If you take anything with a certain mineral content in it and vibration, and put it in super cold freezing water, it turns malleable, twisted, and clear. Humans cannot breathe in the deepest parts of our seas, and these are the parts where these ethereal creatures live and breed. That is why we cannot see them. They move like clear salt — proving salt and water have a pulse of their own.

What is put in our food and skies destroys us, and what is thrown into our oceans destroys them. These creatures have existed since the beginning of Time, and they are now crying that it is now the time we stand for them.

When you hear of mermaids, remember there is always one element of truth to every myth. These beings communicate telepathically and via water. They are found around dolphins and whales, and record songs and history in seashells. They plant their crystal technology across the ocean floor all around the world — to balance the earth according to changes in the universe. They existed before the first Egyptians and they will also outlive us. If they go first, we shall follow at the same time, or soon after. — Suzy Kassem