Do you want to fix your circulation, eliminate body pain, reverse your age, feel lighter, and enhance your overall well-being — in just a short period of time?

Good. Do what I’m doing and try eliminating SALT, all oils and butter of any kind, SUGAR, milk, and carbs from your diet. If you eat meat, decrease your intake to just a finger-size bite each day. Eat tons of greens, drink tons of water, and your skin and body will thank you for it. I’ll be the first to truthfully admit…it is HARD and food sucks at first…but then when you see and feel the difference, you won’t turn back. Instead, you’ll hate yourself for consuming all those poisons in the first place. Then you will look at the food industry like it’s a huge machine of the devil. Salt is sacred, yes, but not intended for human consumption. Salt weighs us down and gravely weakens our electromagnetic suits. If you wonder why some people can’t seem to “wake up”, they’ve been dumbed down and weakened by too much salt consumption. Salt tones down our frequencies and de-sensitizes us. Yet at the same time, I’ve found it super hard to eat anything without salt. This is the trickiest part of the challenge.

Try this regime just for two weeks and you will see two lights beaming from your eyes like a lighthouse peering through a foggy shoreline. Instead of salt, I use lemon. The same way you can trick a flower that grows only in the spring time to blossom again at the end of summer, you can trick your tongue into accepting lemon as a salt substitute. Try it. — Suzy Kassem

Unconditional Love

A mother’s love is unconditional towards her children. She will love her kids the same regardless of the way they look, dress, act, or betray her. There is no love that compares to a mother’s supreme love – and supreme love is what is expected from the mate you choose for life.

If you feel like you must change yourself to be loved by someone, then you are not experiencing true unconditional love. If you have bad habits that may repel the majority, then this is different. However, if you must change your weight, style, preferences, career, car, personality, hobbies and friends to please someone – then the person you are with was not MEANT for YOU.

If someone complains about your weight for health reasons, this is good. But if someone wants you to lose weight for their friends or because they now find you undesirable, move on.

When a person truly loves you for YOU, they eventually become blind to all your flaws. In the beginning of relationships, never misrepresent yourself. Instead, show the object of your affection who you truly are. Those that mask themselves will only be disappointed in the end. Those that cheat to earn love, will not get true love. Love does not like to be cheated. And the mirage you present as yourself, will also turn the whole relationship into a mirage.

It is very important to love yourself before expecting others to love you. Insecure people rarely find true love in relationships. Confidence is one of the most beautiful traits to the opposite sex. A person who is truly confident — regardless of their looks — will attract more people to them than a beautiful person with no confidence.

Only when you find yourself in love with the HEART of another person, have you found the one you unconditionally love. — Suzy Kassem

Sheep vs. Shepherd

In today’s times, how can one tell the difference between a Shepherd and Sheep?


Just pull up a chair at the corner of a crosswalk and OBSERVE. You will notice tons of people waiting for the walk symbol to cross the street. Then you will notice a random person go ahead and cross the street while traffic is still moving. As soon as that person crosses the street, the sheep will follow him – even if the light is still green. The person who crossed the street on his own – with no fear – is the Shepherd. The Shepherd leads the way. Sheep are too afraid to make choices on their own — and to use their own minds. — Suzy Kassem