The Creator, The Imitator, and the Traitor

The Creator, The Imitator, and the Traitor by Suzy Kassem

The Creator, The Imitator, and the Traitor by Suzy Kassem

By Suzy Kassem

The streets would have been empty without him. Without his paintbrush or the liquid rainbows streaming violently from his heart and soul, there would be no color on his neighborhood’s walls or sidewalks.

The kids knew him only as the Wizard, and the Wizard never revealed his true name to anyone. From dusk to dawn, he translated the static in his mind into magnificent works of art — then would disappear back into the hole from which he came from.

Over the course of several years, Wizard’s territory gradually became a super trendy community for artists – who all came from faraway places. Inspired by Wizard’s work, they too created majestic art, and it wasn’t long until the media came to make everyone who lived there super rich and famous.

One by one, each artist reached the stars, and with more time, an unknown stranger came along and claimed he was the Wizard. He was flown all around the world and handed fancy cars, but nobody knew that the real Wizard still lived in his hole like a lizard.

Then one day, a young man noticed a remarkable piece of art, on a now abandoned boulevard, and alerted everyone that the long-gone Wizard had finally returned for a surprise visit.

But in truth, the Wizard had ever left his streets. But since his neighborhood had been overtaken by herds of other artists, his work had quickly gotten lost in the mix. And now that all the other artists had moved away after being consumed by the media circus, the walls were now clear again for Wizard to work his magic tricks.

The young man who spotted the Wizard’s signature, decided to never sleep a wink in hopes of catching the artist for a quick autograph and side-by-side picture. And as he stayed up night after night to get a sight of this super famous guy, he soon discovered the Wizard was actually the weird lone-wolf hipster who had married his estranged sister.

Upon finally meeting the Wizard, the young man promised never to reveal the artist’s true identity, and in exchange he was given a tour of his studio basement. In it, he came across thousands of canvases covered with art and asked the Wizard if he could sell them for a split of the deal. The Wizard told him they were all far from being complete, but added the young man was always welcome to come and sit with him. But over time, the young man’s greed grew out of control, and he stole all of Wizard’s art and spit on him.

Not too long after, colors faded from the streets and Wizard’s veins, and he died in his wife’s arms — taking with him his infamous vision. And now when you ask the kids from way back then, that had now grown up: “Whatever happened to the rainbow magician?”

They will tell you, he now lives in a castle somewhere in Paris …where he paints and sleeps with thousands of women!

Suzy Kassem, a master at capturing the human condition. © 2011

The Last Garden of Knowledge

By Suzy Kassem

There was a wise man who spent all his life building a mystical garden. His flowers were the most fragrant across the land, and every day he taught them knowledge.

In the last chapter of his life, the man had grown very frail and his skin turned thin and blue. He was so determined to leave all the wisdom in the world inside his garden, to be shared with future generations, that he had severely neglected his own health.

When the man finally died alone in his chambers, his flowers cried for seven days. And seven days after his death, they realized they now had to fend for themselves. With no food, wisdom, or water, the flowers knew their days were numbered. The old man had died so suddenly that he had forgotten to unlock the gates to his garden.

One day, a young boy, who was playing out in the fields, caught the seductive scent of the forgotten garden. He knocked on the garden’s gates, but when nobody answered, he climbed over the ledge and fell inside.

At the sight of the first flower, the boy rushed to pluck it from the earth right away. But before he could tear out its stem, the flower said to him, “Wait, child. I have something for you if you do something for me.”

The boy stumbled back at the sound of the talking flower. “What do you want from me?” he mumbled.

“If you pluck me from my roots, I will die within three days. And the wisdom that I drank from my master every day, will forever be erased. I will give you a petal of his wisdom to help you grow, if you promise to return tomorrow to water my roots so that I may also grow.” said the flower.

The boy knew that he was to leave with his family for the Orient the next day, but because he was so seduced by the flower’s sweet fragrance, he agreed immediately. He took the petal home and was never seen again.

Two days later, a ball flew over the garden’s gates and landed in the dirt next to the same flower. A little girl climbed over the wall with her brother, and they both ran across the garden to fetch their ball, while carelessly crushing a trail of delicate flowers in their path.

Immediately the flower spoke out to the children, “Children, would either of you care to gain knowledge on how to bring peace into your world and inside your homes?”

The children stared at each other in awe, then stepped closer to the talking flower.

“Our country is at war and our father has not yet returned home with his army. Can you bring our father back?” asked the girl.

“Yes, I can show you how. If each of you take home one of my petals and place them under your pillows, you will know the way with time. But you must promise to return tomorrow to water my roots, or I will wilt away with time.”

The children both took two of the flower’s petals and returned to the fields. And that night, under the moonlight, the flower wept over the loss of its sisters and brothers.

The next day the flower waited for the children to return, but instead an old woman climbed over the gates with a basket to collect some flowers for her home. As she plucked several from the ground, she jumped at the sound of the talking flower.

“Woman! In every flower you have torn from this sacred garden, there contains libraries of knowledge that your children and grandchildren will never see or hear. Come closer so I can share with you some of mine, and show you the way to immortality!” the flower cried.

The woman walked over to the flower and got on her knees to study its magnificence. It only had three petals left.

“I am sick and the doctors say I do not have much longer to live. Where is the way to immortality?” she asked.

“Do you have any water so that I may drink?” inquired the flower.

“No, the stream is very far from here. I would have to bring you some tomorrow.”

“Very well,” the flower replied sadly. “Take three of my petals and put one in your tea at breakfast, one at lunch, and the last for dinner. Then you will know the way to immortality.”

The woman thanked it and went on her way. That night, the flower cried again for its master and dead siblings.

The next day, the flower stood alone in the garden dying of thirst. A bird flew over its head and landed on the ground next to it.

“Foolish flower,” said the bird, “Have you not learned that you can show humans the way to knowledge, but they will shoot you with an arrow in return?”

The flower thought about the bird’s words, and then sulked in remorse under the sun’s grueling heat. Then finally after the sun disappeared over the horizon and the flower still found itself alone, it tilted its head to face the dead, and took in its last breath to eternal sleep.

By Suzy Kassem © 2011. All rights reserved. For more check out my book, Rise Up and Salute the Sun – The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Like the Heart of an Animal

Animal Telepathy & the 7th Sense

You may have wondered at one time or another — how your cat, or someone else’s cat, KNEW you were sad, hurt, or even contemplating suicide. When you were sad and blue, your pet instinctively came up to you and transmitted an indescribable sensation of unconditional love. You may have also wondered how your dog or cat knew days before it accidentally died, to give you a final goodbye. You may have wondered too, why the sheep in the barnyard were crying so loudly — the night before they were due to be slaughtered. Or how about, hippos fleeing from their location at the arrival of men with guns and loud radios — over 5 miles away.

All animals operate on a higher frequency than we do, and animals are more capable of surrendering to unconditional love than humans. All animals have the 7th sense. However, some are “defective” just as we have “defective” folk on this plane, but most are highly perceptive. And if you already operate on a high frequency, then you can telepathically communicate with them — the same way I can communicate to falcons and owls. If your heart is open and vibrates loudly, animals can tap into your vibrations. Ask them any question, and they will answer — if you are willing to accept this TRUTH. If they know your heart is pure and calm, they will love being around you – without any kind of training. What I can do with birds, YOU can too. How so?

Activate your multi-dimensional self and automatically you will be able to tap into transdimensional frequencies. Your heart is the key to opening portals within portals within the universe — and in gaining unconditional friendships with wild animals. If you should come across some deer with their babies in the woods, and you must pass by them to cross over to the other side — if the deer run away, your heart is not yet pure. However, if the deer allow you to pass by them while still standing very close to you with their babies, then your heart is as white as God’s light. – Suzy Kassem

The Key to Harmony

You know, if we all learned to sing in the “AH resonance” as a universal united choir, our vibrations would be so deafening to all things evil. The “AH resonance” is the song of angels. If we sang together at the same time for the entire duration of a sunrise, you guys would be amazed at how we could escalate and balance the harmonic frequencies of the entire planet. – Suzy Kassem

Foolish Fashionistas

It costs Chanel less than $25 to make a leather handbag — which they turn around and sell for $3700. Walk into any Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms and study the leather yourselves. The quality of the leather they use on all their purses would not even make good durable walking shoes for a homeless person stuck on the streets for one month! And that ugly $1500 Louis Vuitton purse your girlfriend or wife is carrying, does not cost the company more than $5 to make. Why? It is not even leather! And for those that truly know STYLE, nothing that brand makes is even stylish! This is the TRUTH!

So, WHO carries this kind of junk and WHY?
MY OWN MOM DOES!! She has to have the best of everything!
BUT —- is this stuff truly THE BEST—-or the best image marketing money can buy?

It is a FACT that consumers measure “quality” by an item’s price tag. You can take two t-shirts made by the same factory and throw them on a rack — one priced $2 and the other priced $120. The average consumer will automatically perceive the shirt priced higher to be made of a better quality, or simply a better brand, than the one priced cheap. Only the fool will buy the one priced more, but the majority of shoppers in today’s market are FOOLS. If this was not the case, Louis Vuitton wouldn’t have sold any purses.

When we choose SURFACE over SUBSTANCE, you get people that are all surface and lack true substance. Welcome to today’s world. Do not brand yourself like a cow — unless you are prone to be a follower – and must feel part of the foolish herd.

If you want QUALITY, buy a used Volvo. It is built like a tank and can last over 1 million miles. I’d rather you wear a shirt that is cheap, stylish and will last a long time…than a shirt that is outrageously priced and will be worn only once. In fact, I’d rather you go BRAND-LESS and be your own brand. Your attitude and stance is already your own personal style card. The young men in Egypt wear the same shirts everyday and I think it’s sexy. Instead of caring so much about what outfit to wear everyday, they care more about enjoying life and the people around them. These men have so much DEPTH and SUBSTANCE to them, they don’t have to label themselves on the surface. TO ME, that is super attractive. If you truly HAVE SUBSTANCE, then you wouldn’t feel like you have to prove it on the outside. Remember these words…and pay close attention. — SUZY KASSEM

The True Meaning of Hipster

“The word hipster was originally used for the true freaks of the western new world renaissance like the Kerouac cats, Lenny Bruce, Basquait, Cat Stevens, Arthur Miller, Eames, Bruce Lee, James Dean, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, and Gloria Steinem. They were visionaries. They invented things, new ideas, trends, styles, or attitudes that later became HIP. They were nonconformists, not sheep. So when I say HIPSTER, I mean the true hipster, not someone who simply shops at Urban Outfitters, or a thrift store, and thinks that automatically makes them “hip”. Hip to what exactly? The going uniforms? Hipsters actually consist of a super teeny minority that you could fit into a garage. They are the people who turn fields and change them. They are the trendsetters that pave new ways, not follow the packs. THAT is the true definition of HIPSTER.”  – Suzy Kassem

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Art is Giving

If you have energies within yourself that you sometimes find uncontainable, it is because you are not unleashing the powers within you — or doing what you were meant to do. Many of you are filled with insane creativity, knowledge, and unfathomable volumes of LOVE – and if you do not unleash your powers, they will destroy you. Instead of popping a pill or drinking alcohol, BE CREATIVE. And if you feel congested and can’t be creative, get creative with the creativity, love, and knowledge of others. Embrace art & culture because they are the light and water for our soul’s flower. Those that do not unleash their hidden talents will die earlier than those who do. ART is revealing your soul to the universe. Engaging in creative fields and hobbies, is the only way your soul will dance. Shutting off any forms of liberal expression (coming in or out) is denying your soul music.

This is why protecting the arts is very important. In ancient times, the ARTS was LIFE. The Arts is the cure for boredom and the way to EVOLVE. One painting you make, one poem you write, one necklace you create, one sculpture you manifest, one song you produce, one act that you do that inspires others….THAT is your legacy. Art is GIVING. When you work for THE MAN doing something without creativity or healing, you join the ranks of those who age quickly from wasteful living and their soul grieving. – Suzy Kassem

*Art by KASL