On Suffering

If you keep suffering in this lifetime, and you feel that you suffer more than those around you, do NOT lose faith in the cosmic order of the universe (or God). Know that it is a protective LOVE that the stars have for you…to make you suffer now, so that in the next life (or ascension) you do not have to. Take these words seriously, and study those around you to prove this theory. If your heart is as pure as white light, be very grateful that a higher power is watching out for you. Only through suffering and pain, do we evolve – build compassion and understanding, grow – and learn. Things won’t/don’t make sense now, but consult with your heart, and it will also validate this truth. Those that do not suffer in this lifetime, I promise you, will suffer in the next. I would rather suffer now than later — when the suffering will come from a harder hand. Only a blackened heart will not suffer now, for they are too numb to feel anything anyhow. A heart that is activated and alive, will feel even the suffering of the man next to him. Know the difference. The stars do. – Suzy Kassem