Bonds for Life and the Afterlife – Part 1


Part 1

I’m not Hindu, but I can see the truths and beauty in every single religion out there. If your heart is truly activated, then you would be able to see them too. So, as weird as some religions may seem to be on the surface, if you dig hard enough you will discover some truths and substance in every one. This is why it is very important to love and respect all religions. They all have something important and unique to teach us all. This lesson is about the BONDS we make in life.

In Hinduism, they believe that a man and woman that get married — are stuck with each other for seven lifetimes. And during the wedding ceremony, they walk around a fire seven times to seal their bond.

SO, what happens….if the man you are stuck with is not good to you? Or, if the women turns out to be a mega slut? WHAT THEN? Are you really chained to these people lifetime after lifetime…or simply…in heaven or hell? Make sure you ask a Hindu this question. In the meantime, here is the answer from my heart and it applies to ALL religions:

Every bond you make known to the universe becomes infinite the moment you both consent to a relationship. If you had a close relationship with your pet, you will meet them again on the other side. If you were close to your grandma, you will also meet her on the other side…and so on.

However, if your mate, friend, pet, or relative was not good to you — you can dissolve that bond through a declaration made from “at least one” of your hearts, and you will be freed from that bond for eternity. The flame of any relationship can be easily extinguished simply by making your desire known; however, YOU MUST make it known. Your heart acts like a powerful little antenna and its vibrations can be felt throughout the universe. From it, you can form bonds and dissolve them at will…and the universe will receive and record your signal. – Suzy Kassem

It takes two hearts to seal a bond, but only one heart to dissolve it.

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