Art is Giving

If you have energies within yourself that you sometimes find uncontainable, it is because you are not unleashing the powers within you — or doing what you were meant to do. Many of you are filled with insane creativity, knowledge, and unfathomable volumes of LOVE – and if you do not unleash your powers, they will destroy you. Instead of popping a pill or drinking alcohol, BE CREATIVE. And if you feel congested and can’t be creative, get creative with the creativity, love, and knowledge of others. Embrace art & culture because they are the light and water for our soul’s flower. Those that do not unleash their hidden talents will die earlier than those who do. ART is revealing your soul to the universe. Engaging in creative fields and hobbies, is the only way your soul will dance. Shutting off any forms of liberal expression (coming in or out) is denying your soul music.

This is why protecting the arts is very important. In ancient times, the ARTS was LIFE. The Arts is the cure for boredom and the way to EVOLVE. One painting you make, one poem you write, one necklace you create, one sculpture you manifest, one song you produce, one act that you do that inspires others….THAT is your legacy. Art is GIVING. When you work for THE MAN doing something without creativity or healing, you join the ranks of those who age quickly from wasteful living and their soul grieving. – Suzy Kassem

*Art by KASL