Foolish Fashionistas

It costs Chanel less than $25 to make a leather handbag — which they turn around and sell for $3700. Walk into any Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms and study the leather yourselves. The quality of the leather they use on all their purses would not even make good durable walking shoes for a homeless person stuck on the streets for one month! And that ugly $1500 Louis Vuitton purse your girlfriend or wife is carrying, does not cost the company more than $5 to make. Why? It is not even leather! And for those that truly know STYLE, nothing that brand makes is even stylish! This is the TRUTH!

So, WHO carries this kind of junk and WHY?
MY OWN MOM DOES!! She has to have the best of everything!
BUT —- is this stuff truly THE BEST—-or the best image marketing money can buy?

It is a FACT that consumers measure “quality” by an item’s price tag. You can take two t-shirts made by the same factory and throw them on a rack — one priced $2 and the other priced $120. The average consumer will automatically perceive the shirt priced higher to be made of a better quality, or simply a better brand, than the one priced cheap. Only the fool will buy the one priced more, but the majority of shoppers in today’s market are FOOLS. If this was not the case, Louis Vuitton wouldn’t have sold any purses.

When we choose SURFACE over SUBSTANCE, you get people that are all surface and lack true substance. Welcome to today’s world. Do not brand yourself like a cow — unless you are prone to be a follower – and must feel part of the foolish herd.

If you want QUALITY, buy a used Volvo. It is built like a tank and can last over 1 million miles. I’d rather you wear a shirt that is cheap, stylish and will last a long time…than a shirt that is outrageously priced and will be worn only once. In fact, I’d rather you go BRAND-LESS and be your own brand. Your attitude and stance is already your own personal style card. The young men in Egypt wear the same shirts everyday and I think it’s sexy. Instead of caring so much about what outfit to wear everyday, they care more about enjoying life and the people around them. These men have so much DEPTH and SUBSTANCE to them, they don’t have to label themselves on the surface. TO ME, that is super attractive. If you truly HAVE SUBSTANCE, then you wouldn’t feel like you have to prove it on the outside. Remember these words…and pay close attention. — SUZY KASSEM