Poisoning the Water

Poisoning the Water by Suzy Kassem

Poisoning the Water by Suzy Kassem

If I told you guys that we have been poisoned for YEARS through our drinking water, would you believe me? And If I told you guys that the poison intentionally put in our water weakens the electromagnetic suits around our bodies, would you care?

This is the TRUTH. There is a toxic chemical capable of putting holes in our energy fields, and even burning through the magnetic wave that extends from our hearts to our minds. This may be complicated to grasp if you do not understand metaphysics. However, by tampering with the energy band from the heart to mind, you kill your conscience – the capability to think with heart and reason.

This poison is the reason for the break up of families, the dysfunction of society, the increase of mindless sheep, and the desensitization of our youth. FLUORIDE is a tool of the system to turn you into a mindless slave. This poison depletes your natural, God-given “spark” – so you will more-easily follow whoever is leading in the dark.

There are already many people who already know something is seriously wrong with fluoride and have quit its usage, but you cannot run from it because it is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING. So what do WE do?

If you look at ancient Egyptian statues or drawings, you will notice a sun-like object above the heads of people. This sun-like disc is also found on prophets, Virgin Mary, and anybody else illustrated before B.C… WE ALL HAVE THIS. This is called our life force. And the outline of light you see drawn around their bodies in artwork – is our electromagnetic suits. Everybody has one and they can be seen and studied with aura photography. People with heavy fluoride in their systems have extremely faded outlines. They lack feeling, sympathy, and love for others – except for themselves.

I’m not a scientist, but I can direct a team of them just through intuition. What we need is something to counter the effects of fluoride so we can reverse the damage already done to our electromagnetic suits. This is one vital step that needs to be taken to re-awaken our world. We cannot truly achieve a higher consciousness with so many broken souls operating on super low frequencies. — Suzy Kassem