The Quickest Way to Spot Someone Who Envies You

There is another stone that is spiritually priceless and super cheap. The best way to keep this stone near you is by wearing it as a necklace. And it must be a necklace for you to discover WHO is sending lots of negative energy and ENVY your way.Sometimes, when you feel very drained for no reason, or bad things keep happening to you for no reason — it could very well be someone has an evil eye on you. This simply means, that someone around you secretly envies you to the point where they are unconsciously transmitting negative vibes your way. It is no coincidence that someone may compliment your sneakers or painting — then that painting gets messed up or stolen, or your sneakers fall apart or get ruined. There is truth to this. The most POWERFUL negative energy is ENVY.

So what do you do if you are not sure who is jinxing you? Get a hematite necklace. These are found almost everywhere. You can find them at mineral stores or sold by vendors on the street or on subway platforms. They are cheap too. Never pay more than $3-$5 for one, or typically 3 for $10. Stock up too because they break fast — if you have loads of haters around you.

Once you have your hands on a couple of necklaces, put ONE on and wait awhile for its energies to mend with your aura. This can take some time. Remember, you just bought the thing packaged from a store — or on the street. Let it take its time to merge with you. Sometimes, hematite moves on its own. Don’t freak out. It just means it’s receiving bad energy and working to bounce it back. This stone is highly electromagnetic. It can pick up on non-human energies very, very close to you — or negative human energy coming at you from a comfortable distance.

Once you’ve gotten used to wearing it, go around your family and friends, and stay very visible in places you usually hang out or work in. Once your necklace falls off or breaks apart, know your “enemy” is in the same room as you. However, If the necklace snaps while you are alone, think hard about who you were with earlier that day or the day prior. That person is talking bad about you or thinking bad about you. This person has had to be near “your space” either the same day or the day before. Typically, it turns out to be someone you thought was your good friend, a family member, someone who sees you as a competitor, or a known hater. If you are still unsure about who it could be, put on the second necklace — wait for it to merge with you — then go to the person you suspect. The hematite test has never failed me. And to know what hematite necklaces look like, do a search in Google. They break immediately just from absorbing the bad energy aimed at you. — Suzy Kassem