The Symphony of Life

The Symphony of Life by Suzy Kassem

The Symphony of Life by Suzy Kassem

If you think the world needs population control, then do us all a great favor and eliminate yourself first. We are not gods to dictate how many people should be allowed to live on this earth. To even THINK of narrowing down the world’s population is ARROGANT, selfish, and encouraging GENOCIDE.

The world is super massive and there is room for everybody in it. To say this isn’t so means you have no faith in the Creator and belittle his intelligence for creating so many of us and making so little room for us to live. If you want to recognize an enemy to humanity, you will hear them push for population control and then talk about vaccines and birth control. Both words mean DEATH. Please wake up, people. I’ve heard senators and the elitists talk about population control. With so much wealth and access to lush private properties midway to oblivion, why do they care so much about making more room in the world — when it is clear they have personal access to all the room they already need — and more? THINK.

Again, when someone mentions population control, tell them to start off by eliminating themselves, their kids, and their parents first. THIS will make them THINK in a blink. If you study the rhythm of life on this earth, everything moves in perfect symphony with everything else — by grand divine design. This planet has the ability to heal and replenish itself, just as our oceans turnover their debris with the waves — that push it all back to shore. This perfect orchestration of the cycle of life is one of the Creator’s greatest and most beautiful miracles. This is the TRUTH. — Suzy Kassem