A True Rainbow World

A True Rainbow World by Suzy Kassem

Every political cabinet in the world should have an even distribution of all religions – even if there is a separation of religion from state. In other words, instead of an all Muslim cabinet in Egypt, there should be an equal hand of Christians – for they make up half of the country. Same for America, instead of our Congress and Senate consisting primarily of Jews and Christians, we should also include Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists because they also exist in this country. Every domination should be represented equally. After all, isn’t America considered a MELTING POT? Until then, our vision of a Star Trek world – a world filled with diversity, equality, and justice for all – will remain unachievable. Think about this. If we want to see a beautiful rainbow nation, we must include a true rainbow of voices in all government decisions. — Suzy Kassem