A Lesson from the Birds

If someone in your life is only around you to take without giving, and mistakes your generosity for weakness or stupidity — remove these leeches from your life. They do not have true light in their hearts to recognize the strength of your own. Sometimes the universe sends us numerous signals, but we choose to ignore them. Do not ignore them. If you continue to harvest relationships with takers, they will eventually drain you — until you have nothing left to give. Generosity comes with class. Constant taking comes from ungrateful trash. Listen closely and pay attention to the smallest actions. The circle of giving exists only in healthy, positive relationships. When someone takes advantage of your kindness, and does not return that kindness, eliminate these negatives from your life. They may blind you with sweet words, but TRUTH is in their actions. Take this as a lesson from the birds. — Suzy Kassem

Why Words are Precious

Why Words are Precious by Suzy Kassem

Why Words are Precious by Suzy Kassem


One word absent from a sentence (or misinterpreted incorrectly) can change the entire meaning of a sentence. ONE WORD can change the meaning of everything.

This goes for EVERYTHING. For example:

If you send me a message and you mean to write, “Listen, I need help my computer is down.”

And If I interpret any of those words wrong, or somehow your message arrives to me with one word missing, or you quickly mistype a word, then the meaning of your cry for help could mean to me….

1) “Listen, I need help my computer is drowning.”
2) “Listen, I need help my dog is drowning.”
3) “Listen, I need to be saved my computer is dying.
4) “Listen, I need help my compound is down.”

Do you understand the message? I keep pounding this one out FOR A REASON.
Now, what if I was blind and needed an interpreter to read me my messages for me? How much trust do I put in this interpreter to translate the meaning of each message accurately — and without a negative motive or self-serving interest? THINK! And ALWAYS know your interpreters. We have put too much faith and trust in total strangers to interpret each of our religions and the history of mankind. — Suzy Kassem