A Vision in Lazuli

Vision in Lazuli Suzy Kassem Poetry


The ledge of the Creator’s window
Is filled with birds that speak sacred words,
And when they open their mouths —
I see the swirly souls of white ghostly men with long wispy beards
Trail away into the clouds.
My ears hear colors and my eyes see sounds.
Two men in blue robes are there to meet me,
While fleets of children rush up to greet me.
Dressed in heavenly garments of various neon,
Seven of them struggle to give me a heavy lapis tablet —
So I can use it to scribe and read on.
I’m ushered into a crystalline realm
Where sweet symphonies swirl out of flowers,
And beautiful women swing from pearled chairs
Into rainbow waterfalls where they all shower.
The majestic portrait of this divine world
Moves the sea in me and completes me,
So I feel the urge to pinch myself to see
Whether or not
I’m just hallucinating or simply dreaming.
Warm tears start streaming down my cheeks,
But the texture of each drop is thicker and sweeter,
Like the rich nectar dripping from freshly picked lilies,
Their hypnotic perfume calms my heart and spirit.
And somewhere,
Someone is playing a xylophone very softly
But I can barely hear it.
Its gentle chimes
Light up my heart and mind,
And I can feel it and clearly see them.
Then I look over to a beautiful tree
Where peacock feathers replace its leaves,
And every desirable fruit and vegetable
Gleam seductively from its sleeves.
And near it,
A boy is sitting on a lion resting next to a lamb,
And an infinite number of white doves are flying out of his hand,
And immediately I think to myself:
But how can that be?
Isn’t the lamb afraid the lion will tear it?
Then all three heads turn to look at me
And the lion replies to the thought in my mind,
“This is love, my child. Don’t you ever fear it.”
Then the boy rises on his lion to stride in my direction,
And I rub my eyes and squint at his approaching light
To make sure he was not part of my mind’s invention.
And when I take away my hands,
The boy is now staring deeply into my eyes,
And through his, I see my own reflection.
Then gently, he says to me:
“One is all. All is one.”
And that was our simple introduction.
And not too far from our feet, the boy points out to me
That we are standing at the edge
Of the universe.
The sun is beaming proudly in the distance,
And the galaxy looks like it’s swallowing little Earth.
All around it,
And up and down it,
I hear squeaky bird sounds and children laughing as if on a playground –
Mixed with the trickling sounds of flowing waters,
And see the floating pictures of sons and fathers,
Mothers and daughters.
What is this?” I ask.
He replied, “Nothing in the universe stops rotating around each other.
What you are seeing is simply how the planets communicate with one another.”
The sights and sounds are quite the shocker
And if what he said was truly the case,
Then Jupiter and Earth are the most active talkers.
So then I turn back to look at the boy
To ask him where we are.
And he tells me:
“We are on the bright blue star that dances radiantly inside your own very heart.”
Then suddenly I felt the immediate need
To go under the tree to sleep.
Feeling intoxicated and dreamy,
The abundance of all this overwhelming beauty
Had sedated me like a wizard’s ruby.
But when I woke up,
I was back to being alone, as there was no longer anyone beside me.
And my bed felt hard and cold,
But an eagle was waiting for me on the ledge of my balcony.
And just like a headmaster waiting to scold me, it told me:


“Keep writing with all your heart and soul,
And keep spreading your words like seeds of gold.
But be patient as every flower blooms at its own pace,
But your infinite gardens of wisdom will surely grow.”


Then in a swift instant, it flew into the wide open blue
And disappeared from the view of my window.
So I raised my head from my pillow
To watch it chase after its own echoes.
Then in the magnificent light of the most brilliant sun,
I heard all the birds singing together in unison:



“A Vision in Lazuli”, Copyright 2012, Suzy Kassem. All Rights Reserved.

War and Religion

suzy kassem
I get a lot of these questions about religion in my inbox:

“Do you not think the government set up religion to control mass groups of people and to start war?”

There is a magnificent spirit who is the TRUE grand architect of all of creation, ‘The Creator’. And though he has tried on numerous occasions to instill morals in his children, his religion does not approve of war and division. His religion is simply based on the principles of harmony and love. The best holy book is the one already within you — your heart. And in your heart, he instilled his virtues in what is known as ‘your conscience’ (knowing right from wrong). If you do not listen to your conscience, then you are blind and deaf to the Creator. Every man wants to believe his religion is the BEST religion, and that all those who do not follow his religion are damned. Is this mentality driven by ignorance, love, or hate? And are ignorance and hate virtues of the Creator?

If a man lives in a tiny village on the tip of Africa, far away from civilization and mosques, churches, and synagogues — is he really going to be damned for not knowing Jesus or Mohamed? Even if this man is kind, grateful, humble, and very generous to the poor and needy? What if you knew, that he offers the little bit of food he grows in his garden to the needy and crippled before he eats anything himself? Do you really believe he will never meet God because he didn’t know who Jesus was? Or do you believe in the truth, that this man will be judged for his heart — and for showing love to his fellow man?

And what about the Muslim husband who thinks he is so holy because he prays more than five times a day — but he beats his wife and children? Or how about the Christian who attends mass every weekend, but thinks all homosexuals and Muslims should be killed? Are the people following their faith blindly or are they being unfaithful to their faith? Do they really believe in God or do they see themselves as GODS? What about the Buddhist who refuses to hurt any man or fly, and teaches love and respect for all living things? Will he be damned for not knowing Jesus or Mohamed?

The government did not make religion, they only altered the truths in all religions to divide, conquer, and instill fear. God prefers the man who loves over the man who hates. The enlightened mind is priceless over the one that is closed and ignorant — which is worthless. Blind faith does not count as true faith. Your words and actions are what truly demonstrate your faith and love for the Almighty. All religions are founded on LOVE. Seek knowledge and your heart will start to recognize truths in all religions. There are truths in ALL religions, but there are also many misinterpretations, reverse translations, and missing passages found in them all. Choose TRUTH as your ultimate religion and let the vibrations of your heart be felt by all. Speak truthfully, act truthfully, and always seek TRUTH. Only a man or woman of truth will know the truth that all religions are one and the same. Anybody who tries to tell you otherwise does not have truth in their hearts to see the truth. Your heart (your conscience) is your ultimate church or temple. Whoever thinks and acts with his conscience stands closest to the Creator. The only religion that teaches and preaches hatred, superiority, and division is Satanism. — Suzy Kassem

The Company of Truth

Never follow the man who tells you to follow him. He is only telling you to follow his motives and mind. Always listen to the man who speaks through his heart and does not tell you to follow him. He only wants you to follow the teachings from his heart and not his mind. A man who tells you to follow him will turn his followers into his company, while a true leader who does not tell you to follow him, will sit in the company of his followers. — Suzy Kassem

The Light Civilization

suzy kassem


Knowledge is the most prized commodity in the entire universe, and it is infinite in its commodity. To believe you already know all there is to know is pure ignorance. There are universes of additional knowledge that exist outside of our altered religious books, and many truths regarding our history have either been concealed — or are still hidden waiting to be discovered under the sands across the world. We know that there have been numerous floods and earthquakes. With each additional earthquake, we lose a part of history, and if we should dig deep enough, we also regain a part of history. There is a reason why our religious books and holy prophets keep telling us to seek knowledge. If religious books contained all the knowledge in the world, then they would not tell us to seek MORE KNOWLEDGE. There is a reason for this. The Creator created the minds of men, so HE knows what the human mind is capable of – egotism, arrogance, corruption, and deception. HE knows that his words and messages will be twisted by evil men to divide and conquer over his children. This is one of the main reasons why all our holy books tell us to seek knowledge and to make seeking TRUTH our ultimate purpose in this lifetime. Real truths will never be visible – if a deceitful mind does not want humanity to see them. It is your purpose to seek them out. Until then, you will only believe what the deceivers want you to believe. And we know now, that the deceivers control our world and history.

To believe we are the only existing intelligent lifeforms in the entire universe is also pure ignorance. There are still lifeforms that exist in our oceans that scientists are still just discovering. With billions of habitable planets in our galaxy, the probability of finding lifeforms more intelligent than us is greater than our government and modern scientists want us to believe. The same way there is a great variation of plants, vegetables, animals, humans, and fish, is the same way there are variations of other intelligent species in our universe that exist. To limit our scope of knowledge only to what exists before our eyes, wall or paper is very belittling to the great minds we were born with. From my own personal experiences, I DO believe in celestial, ethereal, and transdimensional entities. I have SEEN them. To read scriptures that do not mention these other lifeforms — automatically discredits what I’m reading as TRUTH.

–Remainder deleted for security reasons–

The Truth about Atlantis

I want to share with you guys another secret….

You know how sometimes you may run into someone or know a friend who says they feel somewhere in their soul that they once lived in Atlantis?

Well those people are here again to learn a lesson they failed to learn the first time. They typically have one or more of these ugly qualities: self-serving, egotistical, ungrateful, materialistic, money-driven, love THINGS more than they love themselves, and fail to sincerely help others.

Before the man of dust, there came the man of light. And before the man of light, came the man of water. Humans were NOT the Creator’s first creations. There were two civilization that existed before man even came to be — WATER & LIGHT.

Each civilization crashed due to self-serving corruption and uncontrollable egos. Each man wanted to be viewed as God and to live like a God at the selfish expense of others. The Atlanteans had every body of water in the world to themselves. They had all the wealth in the world to share amongst themselves. And though at first they were truly divine beings, Satan was sent down from the heavens in a bolt of lighting straight into the deepest depths of the ocean. This bolt of lightning was actually a meteorite that sank not too far from Bermuda to the Bahamas. The reason why that place is so magnetic is because an entity that once stood next to the Creator had fallen into the water there. And when Satan discovered the peaceful Atlanteans, he did exactly what he did to the Light beings in the civilization that came after them. He blew in their minds and gave them an EGO. Then he enslaved them by dividing them and stole all their crystalline technology for himself.

The Atlaneans who worked night and day to harmonize the earth with the rest of the planets of the universe, started neglecting their jobs of planting their crystals across the ocean floors to balance their planet. And instead, started building palaces of wealth in the form of pyramids. Each man wanted a greater pyramid than the other. And each man wanted more power than the other. A civilization that was born on LOVE quickly turned into all things negative. And then Satan asked his slaves to build him the biggest pyramid of all, and to condense the powers of every divine crystal into one big red crystal. The weak Atlanteans listened to him and planted the crystal inside the top of the biggest pyramid. Then Satan turned into a dragon revealing his true identity, and stirred the biggest lethal storm to harvest all the fear and evil energy pulled from the hearts of every Atlantean. And with this powerful vortex of negative energy, he trapped it all into his red crystal. Then Satan looked up at the Creator and laughed at him. So God went to war with Satan and turned all the water into ICE. This destroyed a big bulk of the Atlanteans, but it did not destroy Satan. Instead, he headed to the North Pole to show God his physical vessel could handle even the iciest tip of the freezing cold. And to ridicule the Creator even further, he kept warm with the red crystal because the black energy contained within it was super burning hot as red fiery coal. God brought about the first ice age to punish the Atlanteans for forgetting him, pillaging and killing each other, and for idolizing Satan. But when enough Time had passed and no movement was seen or heard from Satan, who had fallen into a deep slumber from boredom, loneliness, and isolation, the Creator brought down the first beings of Light with the first turn of the new sun and immediately gave birth to the Light civilization.

*Remember, there is always at least one truth to be found in every myth. Satan really does live underwater. There is truth to Godzilla, Kraken from Clash of the Titans, and that thing that came out of the water in Cloverfield. Satan is the master reptilian DRAGON. He was handsome as an angel, but then the Creator made him very ugly for deceiving him.

— Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2007-2012, Suzy Kassem. All Rights reserved.

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The Story of Two Eyes: the Eye of Truth and the Eye of Lies


All men and women on earth were created with two eyes. The left eye represents the MOON (mind) and the right eye represents the SUN (heart). Both eyes represent the dualities of human nature. The sun represents the LIGHT in the heart of man, and the moon represents the darkness in the mind of man. The Sun symbolizes the Creator and the Moon represents the opposite of the Creator.

You may of already heard of the Eye of Horus (the Eye of Knowledge and Wisdom) and the Eye of Satan (The All-Seeing Eye). Though truth seekers confuse the two as the same thing, they are both VERY DIFFERENT.

The Eye of God can see everything through the sun’s rays during the day (wherever there is light), and the Eye of Darkness can see everything only at night. There are truths to Dracula being afraid of the sun, and dark spirits revealing themselves only at night. There is truth to what some call the “witching hour” (2am-5am). And there is truth to “demons or zombies coming out at night”. When the eye of God is not visible, darkness awakes, because in LIGHT — darkness that is concealed suddenly is revealed. This is why negative entities hide from and fear the LIGHT.

The eye of Horus is a prominent symbol from my ancient culture. It is NOT a symbol of the Illuminati or the Devil. In fact, it is the very opposite. It is the symbol of the Creator, signifying He is everywhere and his knowledge is everywhere to be sought. However, the eye of Satan (the left eye) has a name that is very deceiving. The All-Seeing Eye is not truly ALL-SEEING. Because remember, darkness can only come out during the night, and even the capabilities of a dark human are not equal in measure to the powers of the Creator to see much during the day. Yet, the left eye is filled with the ego of the mind, and the ego wants to believe the ALL-SEEING EYE can really see everything. This is NOT TRUE. What is true, is that only the eyes of the Creator can see during the day, and during the night he plants his angels to guard over his loyal children. The CREATOR is the one and only TRUE ALL-SEEING AND ALL-KNOWING ENTITY in the entire universe. Yet the EGO of the evil side of some very dark humans wants to believe they also have the power of the Creator. This is all a sick illusion, but beware of the confusion. The Creator also has ONE eye, the right eye (that of the sun and HEART). Man has dualities, but the Creator is void of our dark polarity. Why? Because the Creator is ALL HEART.

It is also written in your religious books, that Lucifer and the Anti-Christ will both possess only ONE eye. This eye is the LEFT eye, that of the moon and mind. They will be void of any LIGHT or HEART (the right eye). This does not mean that Satan or the Anti=Christ will have only ONE eye. It really means they only use ONE EYE.

This is all VERY IMPORTANT information. Never confuse the right eye with the left eye, the EYE OF GOD with the EYE OF LUCIFER, GOOD and EVIL, YIN (BLACK) AND YANG (WHITE). Satan is all mind and no heart. The creator is ALL HEART, and it was HE who created the mind. The Eye of Horus represents the EYE OF THE ALMIGHTY. The All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati is truly the left eye of Lucifer. — Suzy Kassem (1/17/2012)

Copyright 2012, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.

“The birds are the eyes of heaven, and the flies are the spies of hell”
— Suzy Kassem


A Beautiful Man with a Conscience

On January 15th of each year, remember to light a white or pink candle for at least one hour in memory of a a genuine truth warrior. Rest in beautiful peace Martin. May the Creator and his most loyal angels light up your grave the same way your heart lit up this world.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)