What is Heaven and Hell?

Regardless of your religion, there are seven layers of heaven, and The Creator is VERY forgiving. The measurement of your heart’s weight determines which level you go to. It wouldn’t be fair, would it, for two people of differing degrees of goodness to be put in the same place? Those with sinful souls simply get sent back down here again to learn lessons their hearts failed to recognize before– and they must show they have learned from them — before getting access into one of the 7 heavens. THIS (this world) is “hell”. We are here to fix what we failed to do and see before. Unless you were unjustly killed, your tortured soul remains here forever until it gets justice (closure) from those who destroyed you. This is where REST IN PEACE comes from. A soul that was treated unfairly in the living will not be at peace while resting. Especially if one was forced to leave before its time and wasn’t able to learn the lessons they were meant to learn in this “hell”. The Creator is FAIR, merciful, and very, very compassionate. Do not believe those who try to scare you and tell you otherwise. Again, this plane is considered the true HELL and the demons are already amongst us and beneath us.

If you take a prisoner and put them in solitary confinement in absolute darkness, eventually that prisoner loses concept of day and night — and TIME. You can put one in darkness for 2 weeks and later tell him he was there for 2 months and he wouldn’t know the difference. Put one in darkness for 2 months and tell him it was 2 years — same thing. SO, do you think the Creator is that foolish to leave someone burning in fire forever so they can feel the weight of their sin? OF COURSE NOT. This world we are in has the burning heat from the scorching sun to be our hell. But because we have A/C many of us can’t tell we are already in it.

If you do not want to come back here again, use your conscience. It is the only way to add weight to your heart. Only Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism capture this part accurately (the 7th heaven is called nirvana), and the Quran gets the 7 heavens right too, yet this principle applies to ALL religions. Christianity is also right, but the part about heaven and hell has been interpreted slightly wrong. All religions are RIGHT, but many of the interpretations have been WRONG. Use your heart to determine the wrong from the right. That is how you find truth. — Suzy Kassem