We Are All Miniature Gods on this Earth

All artists are divine beings because they can create universes on walls and canvases just like the Creator created this earth. A sculptor can create the human form just as the Creator created us. And in marriage, a wife will look at her husband like a god for holding down a house, cultivating a family, and fixing everything that is broken. And the husband will look at the wife as a goddess, for birthing children, holding the family together, turning the house into a garden of joy, and putting food on the table. Children will always see their parents as gods. And when the Creator said that we are all a reflection of Him, he was not kidding. However, there is only ONE supreme God and we are all HIS beloved children. And in his words, WE WERE ALL CREATED EQUAL.

All animals on this earth recognize a supreme entity as their God, and so must we — regardless of our individual beliefs and faiths. We are all truly ONE, even with animals and plants. So no matter what GOD may be to you, I stand as a witness that there is indeed a HIGHER POWER out there somewhere that is truly made of infinite light and love — NOT darkness and hate. This is what distinguishes us humans from the Creator. Humans have dark sides, while the Creator is strictly made and filled with pure white light. Just as any artist can reflect the moods of his/her soul onto canvas, the Creator reflected the beauty of his soul onto the world. And just as you can tap into the soul of any artist by his/her choice of colors and the objects he/she creates, you can tap into the soul of the Creator by the art found in nature, wildlife, and us humans. If the Creator wanted to divide us, he wouldn’t have created us all looking so beautiful and ALIKE. He would have created us with horns on our heads (a super apparent alternate species), or made other intelligent species viewable by us. Yet he tampered with our eyes so our vision cannot see the true demons that hide in parallel dimensions, including those that haunt this world. The only true evil that lurks in this world is in the ego of man. Dismantle your egos slowly overtime and return them back to the blank slates of children. That is the only secret that divides the Creator’s highest lights from his lowest earth lights – THE EGO. Any being with a fully dismantled ego immediately becomes the equivalent of a saint or angel.

Every time you hear the rooster calling out to the heavens at sunrise, know that rooster is praying. Every time you hear a cat purring, it is praying between tongues from the joy of experiencing love. Doves are known as the birds of peace because they never stop praying. And every time you hear birds chirping at sunrise, they are also praying. All animals show their graciousness for life at sunrise and sunset EVERY day. Yet, instead of showing our gratefulness for life at least once a day, we wait for a hallmark holiday to rejoice with friends and family to tell them that we love them — and that we are truly thankful for life. Animals pray every minute and every hour. Yet we think we are more intelligent than they are.

There is a REASON why I’ve been pushing for the unity of all faiths for the last few years. I know that amplifying light and love is the only way we can conquer the incoming darkness. If you truly have faith in the Creator, and you remember him often, he will remember you in the darkest hour. And if you get hit with the mark of the beast, you do not need magnets to dismantle “the mark”. The light in your heart is the only true magnet you need to remove it. The heart is surrounded by electromagnetic energy. Its vibrations shrink with hatred and intensify with love. If you spread this knowledge, the clutches of evil will no longer be able to blind any more of your brothers and sisters. Blind faith does not count as faith — for you do not understand the words you read. A heart full of love is everything. The mark of the beast is simply a chip that is placed in your skin, teeth, passports, ID cards, cell phones, computers, radio and TV frequencies that destroys the light in your hearts (your conscience). With this chip, the average being loses all concept of knowing right from wrong. Only with faith in this HIGHER POSITIVE POWER — whatever HE, IT, SHE may be (The Creator)– our love can truly conquer all. And remember, the light of love sees no walls (no division). And in light, what hides in the dark is always revealed. So, learn to Love ALL and accept all, and in the light of your strong love, all that is concealed will be forced to be revealed.

Helpful words are like seeds. The more you scatter them, the more they will grow into infinite gardens of knowledge. — Suzy Kassem