Where does God and Satan live?

The Creator lives INSIDE the sun. This is why many of our ancestors and the ancients praised the sun. They were NOT worshiping the sun as a GOD or GOD, but they knew that the Creator lived inside the sun. Also, the sun symbolized the LIGHT of the Creator. It is the largest source of energy and light on earth. It grows our crops, heals us, gives us VISION, and mends us all together as one. The image of the sun surrounding the head or body of a divine person — simply demonstrates their level of ILLUMINATION and the intensity of their auras. Most religions pray in the direction of the SUN. This does not mean they are worshiping the sun, they only praying in the direction of the Creator. And in the rays of the sun, God sees everything. This is how he is “ALL-KNOWING”. And this is why dark spirits come out at night, and avoid the day like the plague.

When I write of God, the Creator, the Sun, the Light, or the Cosmic Heart of the Universe – please customize these words to suit your own spiritual beliefs. For me, they are all one and the same. They all symbolize the same universal entity that connects us all and is at the core of this divine plan. Those who do NOT READ and seek knowledge will always remain ignorant to this simple truth. The Sun is never bad for us, unless your skin is weak and cannot handle it for long periods. But the best healing and wisdom is gained from the sun. Everything I know is streamed to me just from watching the sunrise every morning — an hour before sunrise until an hour after it completely rises.In the rays of the sun, God sees everything.

So where does Satan live?

He does not reside in the flames of hell as many would want to believe, or as it is written in various mythology. In fact, it is opposite. The Creator resides inside the flames of the sun, and Satan resides in the complete polar opposite – where it is cold and WET. Evil men have reversed the order of truth from the very first days of religion. They made you fear the sun –when the sun has the power to heal all your ailments, give you wisdom, grow the most beautiful flowers, and give you the vitamins your body needs. They made you believe that Satan resides in the flames of fire, when in truth, we actually live closer to Satan than to the Creator. Again, this world is our hell. Satan exists in the freezing depths of our ocean floors near the North Pole. And though he does stray away from his station to be closer to us humans, his world exists inside the poles. You can enter the true hell by entering through the poles.

It was Satan who threw out the Creator’s children who had lived in our warmest waters for over a millennium — after he was casted out from the Heavens. And remember, we were not God’s first creations. Before us, existed the man of water and the man of light. The man of dust (humans) came into existence after the fall of two light civilizations.

The technology that existed before the man of dust came to be was purely CHRYSTALLINE. And when Satan threw out the Creator’s children of the first light civilization, he took over their technology and made it his own. Somewhere in the deepest depths of the sea, is a pyramid that operates on crystal technology. And elsewhere in our oceans, are the remaining men of water who work hard every day to reflect Satan’s negative currents back onto him — and keep the earth harmonized with the rest of the universe. They are constantly working to overwrite Satan’s destruction.

These positive entities carry the same frequencies as dolphins, but they cannot be seen by our eyes. The sun mixed with saltwater makes them invisible because they appear as moving waves in our oceans. However, thousands of miles deep, at a depth and freezing point where no man can breathe, minerals turn into light at night, and these creatures can be SEEN.

Now that you know this truth, do you see who “SANTA” really is?

Suzy Kassem