What is Enlightenment?

When you STRIVE to reach enlightenment, you are still lost in a state of confusion, frustration, and fear. You find yourself feeling depressed and hopeless the more you become aware of the scope of corruption and disillusionment in this junkyard world we perceive as reality. However, the journey to truth is not supposed to be an easy one. You will suffer a lot and find yourself disconnected from the majority. Most give up along the way, but this is only part of the test. However, when it becomes crystal clear that your intention to find truth is very STRONG and genuine — to the degree of a wholehearted obsession, your heart will give you the fuel to keep going until you get close to the finish line. Your heart acts like a powerful little antenna and its vibrations can be felt throughout the universe. Once the universe receives your signal, it will join in to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together — and give you access to see the world with five eyes instead of two. This is the state of true enlightenment, when you can see the world in its true multidimensionality and decode the language of light with your heart.

Being enlightened will not happen to you if you choose to use your left eye/brain instead of your right. Again, it is your heart that decodes everything. A closed heart will understand nothing — no matter what you call yourself. And once you reach TRUE enlightenment, you can see the world through the eyes of the highest divine spirit (GOD –whatever he/she/it is to YOU). When you reach that state, all your fears quickly dissolve because you suddenly become the big guy looking down and around at all the ants. You see through everything — even the Great Deception. Then the feelings you had while seeking Truth dissolve into a calm peace. And instead of fearing death, you suddenly find yourself welcoming it. Somewhere inside your heart, you know you have surpassed the ultimate test that still awaits the masses still sleeping and living aimlessly through the illusion of the 3rd density. When it is your time to be taken, you will go in peace, and with the blessings of the universe you will be allowed to move onto the 4th density. People feel lost and fear death because instinctively they know they are NOT READY to leave this plane. These feelings of confusion, fear of the unknown, and the most common — feeling broken all the time, are typically found in all people who have not yet found what they are supposed to discover within themselves and outside themselves in this lifetime, which is ultimately our purpose — to seek TRUTH. Once you get super close to truth, all these negative feelings disappear.

Nobody fully finds TRUTH. And there is no way for someone to discover everything there is to know. Yet striving to uncover the multidimensionalism of ourselves and the universe is the true key of life. Once you see how you as a tiny atom fit into the large scheme of transdimensional existence, you unlock the key that opens the door for you into a higher density. It can take several lifetimes to achieve this, and this is why some of you feel like you’ve been here before. We are sent to this “hell” to learn what we have failed to learn before. The “hell” that exists in your religious books is right here. The Creator is compassionate, forgiving, and merciful. Why would he burn his own child? Even a mother who has a kid who spits on her and neglects her, does not have the heart to light a match on her own blood. It is normal for any parent to feel hurt, guilty and regretful after harming his/her own child when they are forced to punish them. So why would the Creator be any different?

The illusion of a hell was created by the fallen angels to do three things:

  1. To instill you with a crippling fear.
  2. To limit your scope of our greater existence (parallel realities, the universe within yourself, and universes within universes).
  3. To keep you from seeking additional truths.

If everyone sought out TRUTH, then slowly people will discover how we are all ONE with all living things, and they will encourage others to stop wasting time on all things irrelevant so that they may also fulfill this purpose. One who discovers TRUTH becomes aware of the additional densities/levels a soul may reach. They also discover that when we harm one leg of the world, the entire body of the world feels the pain. When you unlock one truth, another immediately arrives behind it in accordance to a divine sequence. Loving and serving others is the fastest way to move you up higher in the chain of existence. If everyone became obsessed with moving up, then there would be no more people to fight the wars of the corrupt selfish demons that have divided and plundered the earth and all of humanity. The words in all our holy books have been changed to their benefit — not to benefit the people. LOVE is their enemy, but HATRED and DIVISION are their friends.

Do not trust any man to interpret the messages of the Creator, but trust yourself to go out and interpret his truths yourself. You discover copies of his messages in all religions. They are the positive ones that surround the heart and speak of only LOVE: forgiveness, selflessness, kindness to others, giving, being gracious and humble. However, you will also find added untruths to disguise all religions from your own — and the one next to it. These are intentional measures to divide the Creator’s children. But always remember, no parent likes to his/her children divided. This is why it is important to use your heart (your conscience) when sorting through what’s true and untrue. Peace to you, family. x 777 — Suzy Kassem

(c) Suzy Kassem, Taken from “Rise Up and Salute the Sun” 2010-2011, Awakened Press.

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Neglect and You Will Be Neglected

There are three people you will be judged heavily on how you treat them in this lifetime. For the man, it is his mother for giving him life, his wife for showing him life, and his daughter for teaching her all that he learned from life. For the woman, it her father for giving her the seed of life, her husband for showing her life, and her son for teaching him all that he has learned from life. How a person treats their parents is how they show their gratefulness to the Creator for life. How a husband and wife treat each other, is how they show the Creator how well they do with this gift of life, and how they value LOVE. And what each parent must teach their kids, are the valuable lessons they gained in life. A father must be good to his wife and daughter, because from watching this treatment — the son will learn how to treat all women, and his daughter will know what a good man is supposed to act like. And a mother must always remain morally good and faithful to her husband, be attentive to all her children, and be filled with patience, forgiveness, kind words, compassion and love — so her children are raised to respect all mothers, and know what a good woman is supposed to act like. If you neglect your fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and wives, then don’t be surprised when the Creator is forced to neglect you. Neglect, and you will be neglected. Protect, and you will be protected. Reject, and you will be rejected. Love all, and all that love will be mirrored by the Creator…and reflected back onto YOU. — Suzy Kassem

Man Against Machine

You know, when someone asked me when I was a child who I feared most from my parents, I remember replying, “Technology”. That says a lot. I’d give up cell phones and the internet to go back to how we were. I’d rather we forfeit technology to keep more jobs, and more people alive from technology-related health complications. When man starts depending and relying more on machines and less on each other, that will be the end of humanity forever. In today’s high schools, fewer kids are trying out for football and basketball teams than ten years ago. You would assume it’s because they’ve decided they no longer want to compete against each other, but in truth, they just don’t want to assert much effort. Why not? Because video games have given them the impression that they can easily acquire superpowers from the comfort of their couches and beds with no effort at all. Why would a kid want to work hard to get a ball or throw one — when he could just push a button?
— Suzy Kassem

Maha and Noha


Maha and Noha ran up and down the streets from El Hussein into Abassaya, pressing their small faces into the windows of passenger-filled cars, looking for spare change to buy food. One girl, five years old, the other only 6 years of age, their dirty hands, feet, clothes and torn sandals soaked in Cairo’s heavy lead and smog-filled air which masked the afternoon’s busy horizon with a black screen of smoky fumes streaming from exhaust pipes. Maha could only run so fast and far due to her heavy weight, but Noha could outrun any moving vehicle. So, occasionally, Maha would take a rest while Noha chased after any car reeking of wealth, which she measured quickly by veiled women heavily loaded with gold bracelets, rings, and necklaces that sparkled in the sunlight.

The two girls represent the poor youth of Egypt, where fighting for survival in Cairo’s tension-laced streets makes their aggressive dawn to dusk hustling the daily norm. Maha’s only aim was to feed her hungry stomach, and save some coins to buy her dying grandfather a pair of flip-flops because someone had stolen his beaten shoes from the Mosque one day during prayer. Noha dreamed of becoming like those women she would spot in long luxury cars or taxis; lounging in the backseats carrying Italian leather handbags and coiffured hair.

Their days were long and their breaks were very short. However, after each sunset, both girls would count their remaining pennies as they shared their last meal for the day together. After dinner, Maha and Noha would play together like sisters in the back streets of El Batanaya, while happily exchanging their dreams with one another for a brighter tomorrow.

One day, a year later, a taxi passed by Abassaya and rolled under the bridge towards El Hussein, and a little girl with dirt all over her face, dragged her right foot to greet the passenger in the back of a taxi. “I want to eat. May God bless you for a few pennies to spare,” Noha sadly muttered, while trying to hide the pain piercing through her right leg like a bolt of lightning. The woman in the back seat rummaged through her pockets and purse looking for loose change, while the taxi driver asked the girl in a tone of familiarity, “And where is your friend, the fat girl you are always running with?”

“She died,” the girl replied.
“Died how?” asked the driver.
“Tahrir Square.” Noha said softly.

An immediate uncomfortable silence overtook the taxi, and the woman in the back seat pulled out two-hundred Egyptian pounds and handed it to the girl. Noha took the money, gently nodded her head, then turned away without a smile.

–Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2012, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.

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The Greatest Truth of All Truths

God created every man to be FREE. The ability to choose whether to live free or enslaved, right or wrong, happy or in fear is something called FREEWILL. Every man was born with FREEWILL. Some people use it, and some people use any excuse not to use it. Nobody can turn you into a slave unless you allow them. Nobody can make you afraid of anything, unless you allow them. Nobody can tell you to do something wrong, unless you allow them. God never created you to be a slave, man did. God never created division or set up any borders between brothers, man did. God never told you hurt or kill another, man did. And in the end, when God asks you:

“WHO told you to kill one of my children?”

And you tell him, “My leader.”

He will then ask you, “And are THEY your GOD?”

Your FREEWILL is inside your conscience. Your conscience is inside your heart. Always use your conscience and always do what is right, because in the end, all that will really matters is the weight of your heart. Those that know this TRUTH, are in a race to make their hearts heavy. Those that don’t know this truth, are the last ones in the race. — Suzy Kassem

Follow Your Heart and Dreams

When we follow our hearts, we follow the path of lessons we were meant to take and gain knowledge from. Sometimes the heart conquers over reason, and this may lead us to making serious mistakes, but these are mistakes written for us to grow. This is the real reason you hear, FOLLOW YOUR HEART. And the real reason you hear, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, is because our dreams expose us to our true multidimensional realities outside of this delusional realm we call reality. Our TRUE reality can be found in our dreams, where we are our true multidimensional selves. — Suzy Kassem

The Three Sisters


There was once a very strict Egyptian family with three daughters, who were like the Nile split three ways. The oldest sister was an intelligent system buster and anarchist. The second sister was a very sensitive artist. And the third sister loved fashion, money, and luxury though she concealed this well.

The eldest sister fell in love with an older man who was powerful and wanted to be a leader of a nation, but after awhile, he abandoned their love because he was only in love with attaining power — and more power. He was so hell-bent on controlling her, that their marriage only turned more sour by the hour.

The second sister never cared to pursue relationships, for the only relationship she obsessively sought out — was one with Truth. For years, she traveled all over the world trying to find Truth, and during her pursuit, she unleashed many creative projects just to tame her heightened sensitivities.

The youngest sister married a very wealthy man for prestige and money, but after awhile, he abandoned their love because he was only in love with making money — and more money. Women, in his eyes, could easily be bought and tossed away, just like any piece of property that he bought and sold every day.

After many years, the second sister began to feel a lot of pressure from her family, because she refused to get married until she had found Truth. She met a man who looked very beautiful, but his heart was very ugly. She met a man who was big and powerful, but his mind was as small as his heart. She met a man who was insanely wealthy, but his heart was not rich at all. The people in her community started talking about her, and rumors were spreading with lies on why she couldn’t get married. But the second sister didn’t care at all. Deep down she knew what she was really looking for was the man with the most beautiful heart of all. And though she was never actively looking for him, she knew that during her pursuit for Truth, he would come to her when she was ready for love.

Little did the sensitive sister know, that while she was busy looking for Truth, the Creator had placed the man with the most beautiful heart already close to her. Yet she was so obsessed with finding Truth that she had never noticed him before. After fifteen years of pursuing Truth, the girl was exhausted and collapsed in her best friend’s arms. And it was then the man asked the second sister to marry him, and as she stared into his eyes to see if he was serious, she noticed spinning chandeliers of light twirling from his pupils. When she put her hand on his heart, the light in his eyes turned off. And when she removed her hand from his heart, the lights in his eyes turned back on. It was then the girl realized that the most beautiful heart was the one that always next to her the whole time. So she immediately agreed to his proposal, without even seeking acceptance from her parents.

When the girl announced her engagement to her mother and father, they both frowned with disapproval. The man was not wealthy like them, or of the same faith as them. He had no power like her father, and he did not love prestige like her mother. And they warned her that if she married this poor man, they would not help her if she came to their door with blood on her hands — or a huge hole in her pocket. But the girl followed her heart and married her bestfriend without a single blessing from anyone in her family. She did not enjoy a huge luxurious wedding like any of her siblings, nor did she receive a gift or card from a single friend. Yet, even though the girl had lost everything and everyone she loved, she she still felt super wealthy with the most beautiful heart in the world.

Then exactly seven months later, the girl was shaken awake with good news from her beaming husband. He told her he had just signed a multi-million dollar contract for the hidden wealth buried deep in his mind. That same day, he became more powerful and prestigious than her entire family combined, but not more powerful or wealthier than both their hearts combined. – Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2012, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.

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