Intent and Consent

Even devils must abide by cosmic/spiritual/divine laws just as ALL other creations of God must adhere to the same. Just because they are deviant, does not mean that straight-forward laws that are above them will not be enforced on them. The first one is INTENT. Every creature in the universe must declare their INTENT before they cross into a neighbor’s lawn, body, or personal space. And this is being achieved through many creative ways without the neighbor even really noticing. All healthcare organizations ask you to fill out forms before even touching you — for the same reason. Many news organizations and controlled opposition groups you think are on your side — are only working to declare INTENT — either to you, your neighborhood, your children, your country, religion, race, or to the general population. In other words, news about what is happening in a region is actually a declaration of actions made vocally without being specific or direct. EVERYTHING must be declared and so it HAS and IS. You just haven’t been paying attention. The second most important law is CONSENT. I have mentioned this one a thousand times now because it is the most IMPORTANT one. Intent is nothing without CONSENT. When a person declares their intent, and you do not object, they automatically got your CONSENT. By placing symbols or evil statues all over the place, they are gaining your consent for marking their areas of power without you even knowing about it.

Did you know that a filmmaker can easily get your CONSENT to film you and record your voice in any place just by placing a “declaration” on a wall before you enter a place they want to film? Most of the time, you don’t even know it’s there! And if you try suing the production company for broadcasting your image on TV or in a movie, you won’t win because they declared their INTENT on a wall before you entered into a public or private space. You didn’t see it? Tough luck. You walked by it and didn’t say anything. Be very cautious and aware of INTENT and CONSENT and you all can take back your world. If you sit and say nothing, you are giving devils the power they need to control you, divide you, poison you, cheat you, and kill as they will. — Suzy Kassem

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