Creating Heaven on Earth


Even HEAVEN would become hell if you were alone in it — or away from a loved one. And even if you were with your loved one but in hell, eventually you would cry to have you and your loved one together in heaven. So to create your own heaven on earth, make sure you and your loved one are in a place you both LOVE, because what could be heaven for one could be hell for the other. If that is the case, there will be no peace…even if one of you feels like you have found heaven. It takes the happiness of two birds in a nest to create HEAVEN. Otherwise, “HEAVEN” will become hell.– Suzy Kassem

Appearances Are Deceiving

I have two friends who aren’t what they seem on the surface. One speaks nicely and has good manners, but has a very ugly heart. And the other one, speaks ugly and has bad manners, but has a very beautiful heart. People that accept others only for what they see on the surface are fools. Substance is found inside a person, where their true worth is measured by their heart. My friend who speaks ugly — takes good care of her parents, makes many sacrifices, and is very tender and compassionate towards the sick, poor, animals, and the voiceless. The one who speaks beautifully — treats their parents badly, is very arrogant, selfish, and materialistic. Never judge someone by a picture, their words, or presentation. An image can be bought, substance cannot. — Suzy Kassem

We Are All Flawed

In today’s world, friends are MORE flawed than ever before. Yet to have friends, you have to be open to truly treating them as family. The same way you fight with a parent or sibling and make peace with them the next day, month, or year…you have to accept your friends the exact same way. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself without friends. Everyone is flawed, so don’t ever expect your friends to be flawless. Only the Creator is flawless. Jealously, rivalry, hypocrisy, frugality, and envy are natural feelings found in siblings — so don’t be shocked to see the same traits in your friends. Familiarity DOES breed contempt. Sometimes when people get close to you and discover how much alike you really are, they turn bitter knowing you have something more to offer than them, or opportunities not offered to them. Yet deep down, a lot of those people that hurt you the most could be the first to die for you. — Suzy Kassem

Be a Memorable Flower

Artists are the flowers of our world. The best ones are those that can stand out from the crowd and create their own concrete garden — to move us, inspire us, and makes us think hard. A flower with no smell to it is just something to look at. A flower that emits a beautiful fragrance is the one we want in our homes and on our walls. Your mission as an artist, is to become the best-smelling flower in the world, so that when the day finally comes when you are plucked from the ground, the world will cry for the loss of your mind-stimulating fragrance. Be different. Be original. Nobody will remember a specific flower in garden loaded with thousands of the same flower, BUT they will remember the one that managed to change its color to purple.– Suzy Kassem

The Stone of the Sun

carnelian, agate, aqeeq, haqeeq, aqiq, orange agate, carnelian powers

To make joy circle around your heart, find yourself a genuine chunk of Carnelian. It’s a very sacred and mystical stone and has powerful healing properties. It soaks in the sun and passes it onto your body to heal it. It also eliminates sadness and anger, and strengthens your mind. If you are distraught with severe sadness, hold a stone in your hand and it will dissolve all negative feelings and replace them with joy! PURE Carnelian is not cheap, remember this. A small stone the size of a penny should cost you $50 if it is REAL. However, if you buy it as ORANGE AGATE, a different title will get it for you cheaper. Any stone you select should be free of veins, cracks or chips, and must be solid in color — a bold orange (just like the SUN) when you hold it to light, and NOT a deep orange-red. WHY? Because the stone darkens with wear. The more the color matches the sun, the more powerful it is. Do not confuse carnelian with amber — or colored glass. If you want a piece a jewelry that contains the power of all the best stones in one, then make sure it has TURQUOISE, CARNELIAN, and LAPIS in it. The chemistry of all three of these stones brought together will balance you, protect you, heal you, and empower you. This combination has been popular in almost every culture on earth — FOR A REASON. If you must choose ONE stone and only one, then I would choose the stone of the sun…even though my favorite is lapis. One of the most prominent stones in all of King Tut’s belongings was CARNELIAN. Also, this was for a divine reason.Suzy Kassem

A Forked Tongue Split Two Ways

When a cop wants to bust a drug dealer, the cop will present himself as a drug user to put the dealer in jail. When a cop wants to bust a prostitute, he will disguise himself as a pervert in a car so he can put that hooker in jail. When a devil wants to promote his ideals to the people, he will dress up like a lamb to disguise he is a wolf — and he will talk like a lamb, and act in front of the people as a lamb, but will always remain a devil when he takes off his costume and congregates with his demons. This is why ancient scriptures and our holy books have warned us since the beginning of time to always watch the actions of others. Those who say they are good, will prove their goodness through their actions — not words. Eventually a cop reveals himself when he handcuffs a dealer or hooker — regardless of what he told them before. And eventually a devil will reveal himself to those paying close attention by the actions he makes, not his words. You cannot speak peace and kill at the same time. You cannot say you serve the people, but screw them at the same time. You cannot say you are a man of God, but promote everything that goes against God and his ideology of love and compassion. We were made to LOVE — not just each other — but nature too. Basic moral values are fading from society. If you want your children to copy the rats around you and the trash on our TV screens, do nothing. But if you want GOODNESS to exist in our future, teach love and make sure truth and love exist in your every word and action. Your actions are what get recorded, not your words or intentions. — Suzy Kassem

Money, Love, and Happiness

Money doesn’t mean anything. Those that tell you it means the world are those who don’t have it. So many people strive for financial wealth, but when you finally attain it, you still feel empty. Sadly, many won’t realize this truth until they are finally wealthy. That is why there are so many super depressed wealthy people. What truly matters more than wealth is ACCOMPLISHMENT. And I don’t mean accomplishing wealth. I mean accomplishing a dream driven by PASSION. If you have true unconditional love and you have accomplished a dream, you will find yourself the richest person in the world. Money cannot buy either. Simply living without any dream or passion is meaningless living. Simply living to make money is just the same.

Having unconditional love without a passion/dream is a glass half full. Having true love with a passion/dream is a glass with an open bottom. The trick is, to focus on achieving your passion/dream without looking for love. Love will come to you when you are ready, in the thickness of pursuing your dream — when you aren’t looking.

— Suzy Kassem