A Forked Tongue Split Two Ways

When a cop wants to bust a drug dealer, the cop will present himself as a drug user to put the dealer in jail. When a cop wants to bust a prostitute, he will disguise himself as a pervert in a car so he can put that hooker in jail. When a devil wants to promote his ideals to the people, he will dress up like a lamb to disguise he is a wolf — and he will talk like a lamb, and act in front of the people as a lamb, but will always remain a devil when he takes off his costume and congregates with his demons. This is why ancient scriptures and our holy books have warned us since the beginning of time to always watch the actions of others. Those who say they are good, will prove their goodness through their actions — not words. Eventually a cop reveals himself when he handcuffs a dealer or hooker — regardless of what he told them before. And eventually a devil will reveal himself to those paying close attention by the actions he makes, not his words. You cannot speak peace and kill at the same time. You cannot say you serve the people, but screw them at the same time. You cannot say you are a man of God, but promote everything that goes against God and his ideology of love and compassion. We were made to LOVE — not just each other — but nature too. Basic moral values are fading from society. If you want your children to copy the rats around you and the trash on our TV screens, do nothing. But if you want GOODNESS to exist in our future, teach love and make sure truth and love exist in your every word and action. Your actions are what get recorded, not your words or intentions. — Suzy Kassem