Curing Cancer


Take a tablespoon of maple syrup with baking soda every day when you wake up. Take a lot of Vitamin C for breakfast (oranges, tangerines) and make low-fat cottage cheese an important part of your daily routine. Mix honey and dandelion root in green tea after a healthy lunch filled with greens, turmeric, and garlic. Stay away from processed foods. Use flaxseed oil (unprocessed, cold-pressed) in place of all other oils — and even mix it into salads. cold drinks/smoothies and raw foods. Eliminate red meat from your diet and put loads of turmeric in fish instead. Turmeric is your number one weapon in battling cancer. And believe it or not, so is the sun. Cancer is a bacteria. The same way we lay out rugs in the sun in Egypt to rid them of mites and bacteria, is the same way you need to lay out in the sun while exposing that part of the body that is infected to VITAMIN D. The sun cures cancer. Many will testify to it except Big Pharma — who profits big time from the Big C. Eating the right foods is important. Sugar increases the spread of active bacteria. Eliminate everything with sugar in it. Use black honey instead. Make sure everything is natural. Drinking sodas and juices with sugars will weaken your immune system and clump up your circulation, and so will junk food. Stay away from chemo and radiation. These will only destroy the immune system. Eat lots of fish like salmon, low-fat cottage cheese, Vitamin C, drink tons of green tea with dandelion root and black honey, load up on the tumeric and flaxseed oil, and expose your body to the sun daily. The tumeric will turn the tumors crazy for a bit, but stay consistent and keep the faith — they will all eventually change color and disappear.

Stay optimistic and keep your faith strong. Many that lose the fight to cancer usually fail only because they have a pessimistic state of mind. It isn’t the disease that kills them — it is their mind. CANCER IS EASILY BEATABLE! Do not believe doctors who are conditioned in draining your pocketbooks by selling you fear. Their alternatives are artificial and more damaging to your health than going the natural way. Cures for everything can readily be found in nature. Smile, because by reading this, you’ve already found the way to restoring your health back into great shape. Treat it like a divine temple and a glorious temple it will become. — Suzy Kassem