The Flame of Dreams

If you hold a candle close to you, its flame rises. And if you hold it away from you, its flame shrinks. The same way you hold a candle close to you, keep all your plans, aspirations, projects, and dreams close to you too. Do not share your plans or goals until you complete them, because as you hold your candle away from you, your goals will shrink in the eyes of others. Envy, jealousy, and resentment will put out your flame before it grows. Anybody who knows me personally knows I write from experience. And anybody who has been tuned into me over the past decade knows I always get super excited when I embark on new projects and ALWAYS share what I’m doing before I complete them; hence, they always fall to failure. Never reveal what you are doing until you have accomplished it. Resentment does not only come from those close to you, but also distant strangers. Guard the passions in your heart fiercely, so your flame reaches the highest ceilings of success without the eye of envy. — Suzy Kassem