The Stone of the Sun

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To make joy circle around your heart, find yourself a genuine chunk of Carnelian. It’s a very sacred and mystical stone and has powerful healing properties. It soaks in the sun and passes it onto your body to heal it. It also eliminates sadness and anger, and strengthens your mind. If you are distraught with severe sadness, hold a stone in your hand and it will dissolve all negative feelings and replace them with joy! PURE Carnelian is not cheap, remember this. A small stone the size of a penny should cost you $50 if it is REAL. However, if you buy it as ORANGE AGATE, a different title will get it for you cheaper. Any stone you select should be free of veins, cracks or chips, and must be solid in color — a bold orange (just like the SUN) when you hold it to light, and NOT a deep orange-red. WHY? Because the stone darkens with wear. The more the color matches the sun, the more powerful it is. Do not confuse carnelian with amber — or colored glass. If you want a piece a jewelry that contains the power of all the best stones in one, then make sure it has TURQUOISE, CARNELIAN, and LAPIS in it. The chemistry of all three of these stones brought together will balance you, protect you, heal you, and empower you. This combination has been popular in almost every culture on earth — FOR A REASON. If you must choose ONE stone and only one, then I would choose the stone of the sun…even though my favorite is lapis. One of the most prominent stones in all of King Tut’s belongings was CARNELIAN. Also, this was for a divine reason.Suzy Kassem