The Way of Truth

Way of Truth Suzy Kassem poetry


When you crave the answer to any divine question,
And are prepared to abandon yourself
To Truth and Time to know it,
You must first train yourself to distinguish
All that is untrue to get to Truth,
And to do so,
Learn to interpret every word and line
With the heart and mind of
A poet.

The language of Light
Can only be decoded by the heart,
And it has a very luminous
Mind and eye of its own.
However, if there is no truth in you,
You will not be able to see or recognize Truth,
So to you, nothing true will ever be

So learn to use your heart to recognize Truth
By dissecting it with the brightest light
As it was intended to be shone.
This is the only way,
The right way of Truth,
And the only way it
Will ever be

Suzy Kassem

The Way of Truth by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

On the Throne of All Existence

kingdom of the womb poems for mothers motherhood poetry mother maternity mother earth


From her thighs, she gives you life
And how you treat she who gives you life
Shows how much you value the life given to you by the Creator.
And from seed to dust
There is ONE soul above all others —
That you must always show patience, respect, and trust
And this woman is your mother.
And when your soul departs your body
And your deeds are weighed against the feather
There is only one soul who can save yours
And this woman is your mother.
And when the heart of the universe
Asks her hair and mind,
Whether you were gentle and kind to her
Her heart will be forced to remain silent
And her hair will speak freely as a separate entity,
Very much like the seaweed in the sea —
It will reveal all that it has heard and seen.

This woman whose heart has seen yours,
First before anybody else in the world,
And whose womb had opened the door
For your eyes to experience light and more —
Is your very own MOTHER.
So, no matter whether your mother has been cruel,
Manipulative, abusive, mentally sick, or simply childish
How you treat her is the ultimate test.
If she misguides you, forgive her and show her the right way
With simple wisdom, gentleness, and kindness.
And always remember,
That the queen in the Creator’s kingdom,
Who sits on the throne of all existence,
Is exactly the same as in yours.
And her name is,

Suzy Kassem

Kingdom of the Womb by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.

mother poem by Suzy Kassem - Kingdom of the Womb - poems for mothers motherhood




One evening,

I sat by the ocean and questioned the moon about my destiny.

I revealed to it that I was beginning to feel smaller compared to others,

Because the more secrets of the universe I would unlock,

The smaller in size I became.

I didn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling larger instead of smaller.

I thought that seeking Truth was what was required of us all –

To show us the way, not to make us feel lost,

Up against the odds,

In a devilish game partitioned by

An invisible wall.

Then the next morning,

A bird appeared at my window, just as the sun began

Spreading its yolk over the horizon.

It remained perched for a long time,

Gazing at me intently, to make sure I knew I wasn’t dreaming.

Then its words gently echoed throughout my brain,

Telling me:

“The world you are in –

Is the true hell.

The journey to Truth itself

Is what quickens the heart to become lighter.

The lighter the heart, the purer it is.

The purer the heart, the closer to light it becomes.

And the heavier the heart,

The more chained to this hell

It will remain.”

And just like that, it flew off towards the sun,

Leaving behind a tiny feather.

So I picked it up,

And fastened it to a toothpick,

To dip into ink

And write my name.

FEATHERWEIGHT by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Suzy Kassem poetry, poem by suzy kassem

Suzy Kassem poetry, poem by suzy kassem