Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life

Sometimes I fall
And feel myself slowly wilt and die,
But then I suddenly spring back on my feet
To go play in the sun outside.
I am no different than the weather,
The planets or the trees;
For there do not always have to be reasons
For the seasons turning inside of me.
The magnetism that swirls
In the sky, land, and sea
Are the exact same currents found twirling
In the electric ocean within me.
I am a moving vessel of energy.
And if my emotions do not
Flow up, down,
Within and around,
Then I am not alive.

Suzy Kassem

I Do Not Use Social Media

Rise Up and Salute the Sun (2)

I stopped using my personal Facebook accounts at the end of 2015, and quit using my public profile a couple years ago. I have never used Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. However, I do use my phone to stay in touch with friends and family, and do post on this blog and my Blogspot from time to time.

If you need to connect with me, do use my email address.

Will You Dance With Me

Will You Dance With Me Love Poem Suzy Kassem Poetry


As we stand here,
Hand in hand,
Under the neon lights
of Truth and Love.
I’m asking you to
Dance with me.
To twirl,
And fly
With me.
Skidding and
Sliding across
The dancefloor of life,
I want you to
Glide with me.
Through the
Saddest and
Happiest songs,
The fastest highs
To the longest and
slowest lows,
I want you to
Flow through
Them all

Suzy Kassem