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In 2011, I posted an article on Atlantis that keeps getting tampered with. In fact, the copy on my blogspot was completely removed last year. The truth is, that article revealed where Atlantis was BEFORE the discovery of the sunken city near Alexandria in 2013. It has become more than obvious to me now, that the fact that someone keeps turning my text WHITE to cover my posting date, either means that I am revealing too much information that some party does not want revealed — or  that my words reveal strong insights that are not normal for a human like me. Yet they have always been later proven to be TRUE.

In addition, in December of 2009, I posted an article from Alexandria called THE WRATH OF 7 YEARS. This article has also been removed several times and even completely blackened out on my blogspot blog. I discovered that since my wordpress has a white background, my text is converted to white to hide my words. And since my blogspot has a black background, they convert my words to black to hide my “sensitive” articles. Also, many meaningful posts disappear completely.

There is severe censorship on the web that many are not aware of. There are many sensitive topics that shouldn’t be considered “confidential” in the first place, yet they are being intentionally concealed from the public.

This suppression of Truth is dangerous. Very good people are being bullied and oppressed behind-the-scenes, and this is why there is no more truth and substance found in our media, TV sets, or on any commercial platform. Superficiality is glorified and flaunted, while those with truth and substance in them are being  silenced, discredited, erased, and shoved under a rug . They are forcefully hidden from the ears and eyes of the oblivious masses because what they share with the public scares those who silence them.

Suzy Kassem


A Mirror of a Million Divine Mansions

The most important words mentioned in all your holy books and scriptures are one and the same:

“You will know the good from the bad by their actions.”

A good man will never harm or oppress another. A good man will share his last morsel of food with others in need, and die of hunger when he no longer has any food — instead of cheat or steal from others to survive. This is the mark of an honest, selfless man. There is a leader much greater than all your leaders combined, and that is the Creator, who is also even greater than all your parents combined.The Creator is the true parent of us all, and the parent of all our parents, including all the animals and planets on this planet and others planets far and beyond. This beautiful entity does not have a drop of hatred in His/Her spiritual composition. And this magnificent entity gets very sad and disappointed to see His/Her children fight and divide because He/She is the greatest parent of us all — and NO PARENT likes to see their children fighting and killing each other. The Creator WOULD NOT approve of you puncturing, harming, cheating, or misleading any of his children. Yet, he would approve of you loving and standing up for all your brothers and sisters. If you harm one of his creations by the hair, He/She will harm one of yours by the hair. Fair is fair. And the Creator is FAIR and square. LOVE is the ultimate religion. Amplify LOVE and your heart will GROW. Amplify HATE and your heart will shrink. And in the end, as I keep reminding all of you, it is only the weight of your heart that truly matters in the end. LOVE is truly the only answer to all this madness. This last line is also written in ALL your religious books and scriptures, but most importantly, it is elegantly scribed inside your own hearts.

If all men are made in God’s reflection, then why do some people continue to acknowledge only what is in their part of the mirror? If every man was truly created EQUAL, and in the image of God, then how can any man claim that one race is better than another, or that one one nation is less deserving than another?

— Suzy Kassem

Reflections from a Mirror

Beautiful is he who recognizes what is truly beautiful even if the surface is ugly. Truthful is he who says what is true even if the truth is ugly. Ugly is he who measures beauty by its exterior without first weighing the interior. And ugly is the man who judges harshly what he sees looking out without first judging what he sees in the mirror. — Suzy Kassem

The People I Love and Respect

There is a guy living across from me owns a BMW 745 and a Porsche. And another man next to me drives a very basic, humble car. The first guy lives in a tiny one room condo and eats McDonald’s every day. He has no substance to him, is dumb as a nail, and sells I-Pads on Ebay only to buy material items to make him look wealthy. He does not even own his property, and his cars are purchased on credit. The second guy, lives very modestly, is extremely intelligent, is loaded with substance, personality, and charm — yet he dresses like a bum. Meeting him, you would not know that his dad is a Nigerian diplomat and a member of the UN. You would not know that he has gone to international schools all his life, speaks several languages, and has lived in many countries. You would have never guessed by looking at him…that he is a son of the privileged elite and is worth millions. Why not? Because he does not need to prove a thing to anybody. THAT is the kind of friend I LOVE.

Nothing turns me off more than a man who creates an image on the surface to compensate for his lack of SUBSTANCE. I do not care for guys who must have luxury cars — especially those who buy them on credit and live in houses they don’t own either (and ones much smaller than their cars). FOR WHAT? I would rather have the man who dresses like a bum, drives a shitty car — but is loaded with talent, intelligence, depth, personality, or character. I have friends from both groups — those that buy everything on credit because they want “the best”. And those who are the best and don’t buy anything extravagant on credit. When I ask some of my friends to take a vacation with me, they tell me they have to work to pay off their debts for their “toys”– AND they complain about their work. Nobody told them to buy luxury cars they can’t afford. But to some people, image is everything and substance is nothing. NEVER create an image if you can’t produce it. To me, that is the most disgusting thing in the world. If you need to prove to people that are you are worth something, then you probably aren’t worth a dime. Those that are truly worth something, do not need to prove anything to anybody. Their mind and experiences will reveal to you how rich they really are.

When you act superficial, you only attract other superficial people, and it will be hard to find someone who loves you for who you really are. When you act real and humble, you will attract real people who love the truth in you, and love you for YOU and nothing more. Unconditional love does comes with one condition…that you always be YOU and ONLY YOU always and forever. — Suzy Kassem (6/28/2012)

The Importance of Breastfeeding

The bond that strengthens between a breastfed baby and its mother is parallel to the strong bond between the moon and the stars. The solid connection of a breastfed baby to its mother becomes very noticeable as the child grows. The child is more calm, obedient, tapped into his/her mother’s thoughts (almost telepathic) and more intelligent — than the child fed powdered milk out of a can.

It is very important for ALL mothers to breastfeed their children. There is nothing better than natural warm milk from a mother. It is the BEST nutritional choice if a mother is healthy. Breast milk is known to contain essential long-chain fatty acids and a chemical called insulin-like growth factor, which alone could be responsible for boosting intelligence and strengthening the bond between mother and child. Not only that, breast milk helps infants fight off meningitis, asthma, obesity, SIDS, allergies, asthma, ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory infections. However, breastfeeding not only benefits the child, but also the mother. How so?

Breastfeeding helps shrink the uterus, which greatly aids nursing moms to return to their pre-pregnancy shape and weight quicker. It also burns calories and helps lower the risk of breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer.

As you can see, there are many POSITIVE perks for feeding your babies natural breast milk. However, there are certain instances in which mothers should NOT breastfeed.

If a mother is severely depressed, under a lot of stress, or just a mess — she should not breastfeed. Mothers that breastfeed should be physically and mentally HEALTHY. Internal anxieties, physical illness, fears, stress, emotional turmoil, and mental problems CAN get passed onto your child through breast milk. Just because the umbilical chord has long been cut, does not mean a magnetic chord has not appeared in its place. Naturally, a magnetic chord will always exist between a child and its mother, but when you breastfeed, your breast pumps out all your mental anguish into your breast milk — just as a funnel is used to fill a car with gas. If that funnel is dirty, so will be the gas — and depending on the content that is mixed with the gas — the car may run into problems. Or, if a car requests only premium gas and you give it regular gas, it may not run as efficient. Breast milk runs the same way. Always make sure your milk is PREMIUM. Why would any mother want to pass on her emotional and mental problems onto an innocent child? And if a mother is not healthy, your milk will lack the positive nutrients your child NEEDS.

You are what you eat applies to breast milk. You child grows into a reflection of the condition you were in when you were feeding him/her with your body. So please be smart about it. As for men, the perks for you are good and plenty. Not only will your woman develop bigger breasts and you will save a lot of money on powdered formulas, but she and your child will become way more healthier going this route — than by the artificial way. No way is ever better than the natural way. If you get breast implants, you immediately destroy the possibility of strengthening the sacred bond between you and your child, and eliminate the beautiful health benefits for you and your baby. Natural breast milk is COMPLEX and cannot be imitated. — Suzy Kassem  (06/2012)

Do Not Preach Hatred

The Creator favors the man who LOVES over the man who HATES. If you teach hatred to your children, one day your child will have that hatred reflected back onto them — and onto YOU. — Suzy Kassem