Love Costs Less Than Hate


People will steal your things and ideas, cover up your artwork, ruin good opportunities for you, hurt your feelings, speak badly of you, and destroy your name/credibility and hard work just from HATRED and ENVY. However, people will give you things, support you, offer you help when you need it, present you with opportunities, promote your ideas and hard work, and speak good of you just from LOVE and sharing LOVE. How much more proof do any of you need to know that there is more to GAIN from loving each other and being good to all people — rather than from hating and envying each other? When we continue to hate, we continue to LOSE. When we amplify mutual respect and LOVE, we have a lot to GAIN! — Suzy Kassem

Feelings Are Not Only Reserved For Humans

There are a lot of people who believe there’s a big difference between us and animals. In fact, they believe WE are more superior than animals, and this is a big myth.

There once was a female snake that roamed around a small village in the countryside of Egypt. She was commonly seen by villagers with her small baby as they grazed around the trees. One day, several men noticed the mother snake was searching back and forth throughout the village in a frenzy — without her young. Apparently, her baby had slithered off on its own to play while she was out looking for food. Yet the mother snake went on looking for her baby for days because it still hadn’t returned back to her. So one day, one of the elder women in the village caught sight of the big snake climbing on top of their water supply — an open clay jug harvesting all the village’s water. The snake latched its teeth on the big jug’s opening and sprayed its venom into it. The woman who witnessed the event was mentally handicapped, so when she went to warn the other villagers, nobody really understood what she was saying. And when she approached the jug to try to knock it over, she was reprimanded by her two brothers and they locked her away in her room.

Then early the next day, the mother snake returned to the village after a long evening searching for her baby. The children villagers quickly surrounded her while clapping and singing because she had finally found her baby. And as the mother snake watched the children rejoice in the reunion with her child, she suddenly took off straight for the water supply — leaving behind her baby with the villagers’ children. Before an old man could gather some water to make some tea, she hissed in his direction, forcing him to step back as she immediately wrapped herself around the jug and squeezed it super hard. When the jug broke burst into a hundred fragments, she slithered away to gather her child and return to the safety of her hole.

Many people reading this true story may not understand that the same feelings we are capable of having, snakes have too. Thinking the villagers killed her baby, the mother snake sought out revenge by poisoning the water to destroy those she thought had hurt her child. But when she found her baby and saw the villagers’ children, her guilt and protective instincts urged her to save them before other mothers would be forced to experience the pain and grief of losing a child.

Animals have hearts and minds too. They are capable of love, hatred, jealousy, revenge, hunger, fear, joy, and caring for their own and others. We look at animals as if they are inferior because they are savage and not civilized, but in truth, it is US who are not being civil by drawing lines between us and them — us and nature. A wild animal’s life is very straightforward. They spend their time searching and gathering food, mating, building homes, and meditating and playing with their loved ones. They enjoy the simplicities of life without any of our technological gadgetry, materialism, mass consumption, wastefulness, superficiality, mindless wars, excessive greed and hatred. While we get excited by the aural vibrations coming from our TV sets, headphones and car stereos, they get stimulated by the vibrations of nature. So, just because animals may lack the sophisticated minds to create the technology we do or make brick homes and highways like us, does not mean their connections to the etheric world isn’t more sophisticated than anything we could ever imagine. That means they are more spiritual, reflective, cosmic, and tuned into alternate universes beyond what our eyes can see. So in other words, ANIMALS are more advanced than us. They have the simple beauty we lack and the spiritual contentment we may never achieve. — Suzy Kassem

Know Where You Sleep

Many of us move into homes just based on their location, price, and looks. Yet only a handful of us study and weigh any potential home based on its history because, ultimately, it is ITS HISTORY that matters more than its price, location, and looks.

When negative vibrations are released into any space, they have nowhere to go but to stay. Every action emits either a positive or negative vibration. Some spaces are loaded with positive energies, and some with only negative. Negative energy eats up positive vibrations fast, and children and animals can detect these vibrations quicker than adults.

When I was about 9 years old, my family took us for a vacation to Port Said, an Egyptian fishing port where the Nile meets the Mediterranean. As soon as we arrived into our hotel room, my brother and two sisters started fighting viciously over something stupid. My parents had one room to themselves, while us kids were put together in another. When I tried leaving the room to call my parents to tell them my siblings were about to kill each other, the door was locked.So I banged on the door for a long time crying for help, but nobody on the outside seemed to be able to hear me. Only when I called their room by phone, did my dad rush over to stop the fighting. Both my parents said they didn’t hear anything, and the manager was called to see how the door had locked itself from the inside.

Later that night, I woke up to the sound of a man crying for help in Arabic. The noise was coming from the closet. I got scared so I tried waking up my brother or sisters, but they were deep in sleep to care. But then I thought that maybe something happened to my parents since the sounds were also coming through the wall. So I ran to the door, and again it wouldn’t open. I banged on it a few times but nobody could hear me. So I called their room again, and my dad came, opened the door normally, and investigated the room. He didn’t find anything. So I asked if I could go sleep with them and he said “NO”. So I started crying to go back with him to his room, but instead, he slapped me a few times, threw me back on the bed, and slammed the door on his way out. I had always troubled my parents by never sleeping at night. I still do.

With the lights turned off, the noises started happening again, so I forced my sister awake to listen to them, but she couldn’t hear anything and went back to sleep. Then I woke up my brother and he stayed up with me for a bit, but also couldn’t hear anything. I thought that maybe I was losing my mind! But the next morning, somehow I had managed to open the hotel room at one point in the night, and had fallen asleep right outside of my parent’s hotel room door. They carried me back into their room to sleep, while they all got ready and went for breakfast. And while at breakfast, the manager expressed his concern about finding me sleeping outside my parent’s door. He thought it was cruel punishment. So my dad told him I kept saying there was a man screaming in the closet and went to sleep there by myself. And that’s when the manager told him that there was a man brutally beaten and killed in the closet years ago. He locked in there and eventually set on fire.

I once lived in a home that was brand new, but its foundation used to be an ancient burial ground. Two suicides also happened there in a previous house built on the same ground. One burned down, and ours eventually got set on fire by lightning. You would have never known that property was cursed just by looking at a new contemporary house built on it. You would only discover that truth way later when you were forced to live in it. I have no good memories of that house. Those were the most turbulent years of my life.

Homes where murders, suicides, and lots of physical/verbal/mental abuse took place, are the worst homes to live in. You are basically moving into a black space with a depressing future. If you feel abnormal bouts of depression, anger, strife, conflict, fear, and hopelessness in your life, it could be your home. We spend more time in our homes than outside of them. You can have the best relationship in the world, but it can turn sour just by the negative energy in the place you are living in. Most of the time, people don’t understand that their negative attitudes and constant fighting could simply be a result of the negative vibrations of their environment. If you change the space, the fighting ceases, and the love continues. If you live in a place where the previous owners have only blossomed in love, then most likely the energy of the place is good. But if you discover that the previous owners got divorced after living there, or lost their jobs or business, you may want to investigate the history of that place even further. Believe me, it is worth it! The vibrations in your living environment become a reflection of YOU. Energy also needs food to flourish, and it can only feed off of other energy. Dousing a room with incense is only a quick fix. You can never erase another man’s history no matter how hard you try. — Suzy Kassem (7/2/2012)

Appearances Are Deceiving

I have two friends who aren’t what they seem on the surface. One speaks nicely and has good manners, but has a very ugly heart. And the other one, speaks ugly and has bad manners, but has a very beautiful heart. People that accept others only for what they see on the surface are fools. Substance is found inside a person, where their true worth is measured by their heart. My friend who speaks ugly — takes good care of her parents, makes many sacrifices, and is very tender and compassionate towards the sick, poor, animals, and the voiceless. The one who speaks beautifully — treats their parents badly, is very arrogant, selfish, and materialistic. Never judge someone by a picture, their words, or presentation. An image can be bought, substance cannot. — Suzy Kassem

We Are All Flawed

In today’s world, friends are MORE flawed than ever before. Yet to have friends, you have to be open to truly treating them as family. The same way you fight with a parent or sibling and make peace with them the next day, month, or year…you have to accept your friends the exact same way. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself without friends. Everyone is flawed, so don’t ever expect your friends to be flawless. Only the Creator is flawless. Jealously, rivalry, hypocrisy, frugality, and envy are natural feelings found in siblings — so don’t be shocked to see the same traits in your friends. Familiarity DOES breed contempt. Sometimes when people get close to you and discover how much alike you really are, they turn bitter knowing you have something more to offer than them, or opportunities not offered to them. Yet deep down, a lot of those people that hurt you the most could be the first to die for you. — Suzy Kassem

Be a Memorable Flower

Artists are the flowers of our world. The best ones are those that can stand out from the crowd and create their own concrete garden — to move us, inspire us, and makes us think hard. A flower with no smell to it is just something to look at. A flower that emits a beautiful fragrance is the one we want in our homes and on our walls. Your mission as an artist, is to become the best-smelling flower in the world, so that when the day finally comes when you are plucked from the ground, the world will cry for the loss of your mind-stimulating fragrance. Be different. Be original. Nobody will remember a specific flower in garden loaded with thousands of the same flower, BUT they will remember the one that managed to change its color to purple.– Suzy Kassem