Creating Heaven on Earth


Even HEAVEN would become hell if you were alone in it — or away from a loved one. And even if you were with your loved one but in hell, eventually you would cry to have you and your loved one together in heaven. So to create your own heaven on earth, make sure you and your loved one are in a place you both LOVE, because what could be heaven for one could be hell for the other. If that is the case, there will be no peace…even if one of you feels like you have found heaven. It takes the happiness of two birds in a nest to create HEAVEN. Otherwise, “HEAVEN” will become hell.– Suzy Kassem

Mind Power 777

Take a pair of dice. Shake them in your hand and prepare to roll them out onto a table. Before you do, there will be exactly three seconds of command time before you release your dice. Pay attention. In this short fleeting moment, you have to command all that you want and it will. Meaning, your brain has a three second order receival system — where anything you tell it you want, it will make happen. To best prove this, start with a pair of dice. Once you master ordering numbers, then go to a basketball court and shoot some hoops. Once you master nailing every basket, then try a roulette table…and so on. We currently use less than 20% of our mind’s true capability. Keep exploring and practicing the abilities of yours. — Suzy Kassem

Taking Care of Each Other

When gorillas smell danger, they run around and call out to the rest of the primates in the jungle to warn them something evil is coming. And when one of their own dies, they mourn for days while beating themselves up in sadness for failing to save that gorilla — even if the cause of death was natural. And when one colony is mourning, their chilling echoes migrate to other colonies, and those neighbors — even if they are territorial rivals — will grieve with them. When faced with a common danger, rivals turn into allies. And when faced with death, the loss of just ONE gorilla becomes the loss of the entire jungle. — Suzy Kassem

*On the other hand, this little gorilla…has been hanging out with humans for way too long.

Keep Your Wings Flexed

Don’t ever SETTLE in life, keep moving and exploring. No artist, thinker, musician or writer should stay in the same place for more than three months. No famous writer, thinker, musician, or artist ever did. And if you are a businessman, keep moving to find new inspiration, ideas, and better products for your business. We were meant to keep turning, evolving, changing, expanding, and growing. The world is so vast and contains many worlds within worlds in it. To isolate yourself in one part of the world is not considered “LIVING”, it is called “settling”, living life way below its standard capacity. Lions and sheep must move around, birds and fish migrate, and so do penguins, wolves, and whales. Traveling allows GROWTH in many forms — in depth and width (spiritually and mentally). And if we followed our true purpose in life, which is to seek truth, then we would all be like soaring eagles, constantly moving and studying life from all angles. We were never meant to stay grounded, yet our bureaucratic systems are designed to keep us that way — locked away in prisons of measured time until we grow old and die. Flowers and plants are forced to stay grounded to die in cycles so their seeds can start growing again. However, we are NOT grounded, and this clearly proves that we were meant to be more like animals than plants. And those that follow the pattern of plants, can also call themselves vegetables. — Suzy Kassem

The Company of Truth

Never follow the man who tells you to follow him. He is only telling you to follow his motives and mind. Always listen to the man who speaks through his heart and does not tell you to follow him. He only wants you to follow the teachings from his heart and not his mind. A man who tells you to follow him will turn his followers into his company, while a true leader who does not tell you to follow him, will sit in the company of his followers. — Suzy Kassem

A Beautiful Man with a Conscience

On January 15th of each year, remember to light a white or pink candle for at least one hour in memory of a a genuine truth warrior. Rest in beautiful peace Martin. May the Creator and his most loyal angels light up your grave the same way your heart lit up this world.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)