Keep Your Wings Flexed

Don’t ever SETTLE in life, keep moving and exploring. No artist, thinker, musician or writer should stay in the same place for more than three months. No famous writer, thinker, musician, or artist ever did. And if you are a businessman, keep moving to find new inspiration, ideas, and better products for your business. We were meant to keep turning, evolving, changing, expanding, and growing. The world is so vast and contains many worlds within worlds in it. To isolate yourself in one part of the world is not considered “LIVING”, it is called “settling”, living life way below its standard capacity. Lions and sheep must move around, birds and fish migrate, and so do penguins, wolves, and whales. Traveling allows GROWTH in many forms — in depth and width (spiritually and mentally). And if we followed our true purpose in life, which is to seek truth, then we would all be like soaring eagles, constantly moving and studying life from all angles. We were never meant to stay grounded, yet our bureaucratic systems are designed to keep us that way — locked away in prisons of measured time until we grow old and die. Flowers and plants are forced to stay grounded to die in cycles so their seeds can start growing again. However, we are NOT grounded, and this clearly proves that we were meant to be more like animals than plants. And those that follow the pattern of plants, can also call themselves vegetables. — Suzy Kassem